Today I want to draw an article about the Karpman triangle which is not one of the characters.

recall that the classic triangle are persecutor, rescuer and victim. They constantly change roles and form a sufficiently stable construction. In this design role, pass each other at the top, but the core remains rigid triangle. Neurotics in the triangle of Karpman live an active life, moving on the triangle, They are in homeostasis, because the change of roles does not change their environment and change their personal constructs. Life of neurotics in the triangle working much like a metabolism in the lungs - we breathe out carbon dioxide, the oxygen cycle and to support homeostasis.

However, there is another option of finding pairs of neurotics in a steady state under condition of their constant running in a circle. Spin gives the system stability. For example, when we spin the spinner he's standing right while spinning, it wobbles when the speed is less and falls to the side when the rotation is stopped.

In a pair of neurotics in this illustration turns the carousel where there are only two places and people running into each other, endlessly shifting responsibility on each other for the unwinding of the top of the carousel.

Each of the pair hiding behind another. One says: "You say, and I'll follow you." But the second does not want to take responsibility and say, "Come you'll be the first to turn".

Note for fans of field of terminology: Valid neurotics eponymous valence - two pluses or two minuses, which repel each other, but at the same time related dependency.

participants avertisers pair of neurotics no purpose to win. They do not play tug-of-war, and glued to the neurotic merry-go-round to continue running, or rather to avoid responsibility. The neurotic seeks to hide behind the other, simultaneously feeling the anxiety from the fact that the second behind him, and he in front.

In high-speed centrifuge, the participants did not notice the surrounding reality and see only a vicious circle from which they do not want and can not get out.

This sustainable Yula until she is in the dynamics. While spinning. However, it is a reason to slow down the running in a circle, then the pair will begin to look for a third to restore the balance, because the circumstances are forcing the spinner to stop and fall. Such reasons can be, for example, economic circumstances, illness, someone in the pair, the sudden appearance of an external win or loss. In this case, rotation decelerated, the participants freeze and can't use their avoidance.

in order to maintain stability in a stationary position the pair needs to expand to the triangle of Karpman and to find the missing link in the form of the perpetrator, victim or rescuer depending on at what point in the circle stopped spinning top. Third can stand on the top of the carousel as the rescuer or the persecutor or to go under the prop as a victim.

Even more psychological illustrations in my trainings and courses.

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