• I don't have to experience negative emotions
  • I should not be negative emotions
  • Negative emotions is a bad thing
  • do Not show your anger/aggression/resentment
  • Your variant (write in the comments - what)

you Know yourself? How often do You say out loud or to yourself these phrases?

8 out of 10 people (according to my PERSONAL observations) set myself a domestic ban on the expression of negative emotions. But whether it leads to good?

When You seek to suppress all negative emotions create a false self-image ideal.

Outwardly You are all fine, can only envy, but inside:

  • a Growing feeling of neudovletvorennosti life
  • Your problems are compounded, not solved
  • there hatred of yourself: I'm wrong, as I could I'm not a good
  • Blocked the path to change: the entire film builds up inside
  • Appear somatic disorders
  • Nervousness, etc.

Agree, the prospect is not happy!

it is Important to allow yourself to live negative emotions. They are the place to be, and that's fine.Learning to accept them, You will be able to get rid of them.

to Express emotions can be destructive and constructive.

Destructive methods are well known to You:

  • an attempt to take out anger on other people or animals
  • Breaking dishes, furniture
  • Suppression of emotions
  • Rudeness
  • Binding

But there is another option - constructive ways:

  • Awareness, acceptance, knowledge on behalf of their emotions. It is important to know what kind of emotion You are now live.
  • Stomp your feet, wave hands
  • Massage
  • Talk
  • exercise
  • Mandalas - they can draw, weave, spread with sand, grains, rocks, you can paint (print mandalas colouring page and get creative)
  • Breathing exercises
  • Singing dancing
  • Cry
  • convert to laughter in mind to bring the situation to the absurd and laugh
  • Letters of resentment/anger
  • Filling in the questionnaire "Radical forgiveness"

Constructive ways of expressing negative emotions quite a lot. Choose the most attractive and take on arms.

Yes, at first it will be unusual. You will change your habitual pattern of behavior. But the more You practice, the faster it will become a good habit.

Valentina Erofeeva
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