1. A real woman does not pursue happiness. It is generally not not being followed. Running over with happiness – the most popular and the most stupid sport. We are all rushing somewhere. To a brighter future, tomorrow, next year, etc. a Real woman not engaged in this sport. She floats through life, being always situated in the present day because the present is the most interesting and important thing that takes her attention. No, of course, a real woman has future plans, but she's not saving lives for tomorrow. Not waiting for her real life will begin when... (when it finally will grow thin, when the reigning Prince, when there are suitable circumstances, etc.).

2. Being a real woman is a great privilege, and she knows it. With trepidation to the fact that I was a woman, and sees in this particular value. She not only knows himself to be a woman at the level of concepts, it feels such. For her to be a real woman is not a challenge, not a chore and not a cross that we must bear a lifetime. It's a gift and a blessing of fate. A real woman cultivates in himself femininity at all levels: internal (sensations, feelings, thoughts) and external (body, clothes, behavior).

3. A real woman lives in his pace. When you live too slow, you get the feeling that this is life. When you live too fast, you do not have time to feel life. Each of us has our own pace of existence. A real woman knows and feels it and lives in conformity with it. She avoids the extremes. Not lying on the sofa, but not flickers like a chicken. She handles its load and thereby sets the pace for the surrounding circumstances. A real Woman lives to do what he wants, and not lose the taste for life. In its actions the most important is not the number of movements performed per unit time, and the accuracy of the calculation and the realization of what she was doing and why.

4. A real woman in the first place. And this does not mean that she is selfish, callous, indifferent or cynical. She just knows that excessive desire to engage other people lurks the fear of living your own life. A real woman interested in her life. She never loses a sense of value my personal space. But it is able to support, help and participation in the lives of others. She says Yes, if her heart says no. And always listening to yourself and trust your feelings.

5. A real woman does not need a "record book for public opinion.” This booklet is for parents, teachers, neighbors, relatives, friends and colleagues in the childhood for each girl. And the exams for her girls devote their lives. A real woman threw the record book. Let others put a tick in the columns: married – single, normal – not normal, one is not alone, as all – not like at all... a Real Woman lives in her own guidance, she invents them herself embodies. And if they are different from the standards of others, it's not very bothering her. It allows other people to assess themselves the way they want them to. Knows that the mission to "please everyone” is stupid and impossible. A real woman trying to better herself, but never does this in order to earn someone's approval. She does it out of self-love.

6. A real woman has outgrown its "good girl.” Good girl is the pupil of our parents. She has one goal – to please others, to be approved of. Like even when their own desires are protesting. A good girl lives on the principle "I should” or "I don't have to.” She rarely asks itself what it really wants. A real woman gone from her "good girl”, and at the same time left a constant desire for approval and praise. That doesn't mean she doesn't care how it was evaluated. She's just nothing to prove, especially to its detriment. To their terms, which are called faults (and who doesn't?), a real woman is condescending. She sees them, but does not dramatize. Not hiding them, but not flaunting.

7. A real woman overcomes obstacles and avoids them. to Fight a lot of soldiers. A real woman will never play a superhero. Encountering obstacles on the way to its goal, it will not penetrate their forehead and see if we can get around them or to use as a springboard. A real woman relies not on strength but on flexibility. The obstacle for her is not the enemy, and the puzzle that need to be solved. She knows that every situation is not only difficult, but easy decision. And knows the art to choose the right place and the right time for their actions.

8. A real woman not playing the drama of "How hard my life is!” Looking at her, not to say that it survives: day and night makes money, cleans, washes, cleans, cares for her husband and children. Never think that it is worn out, making repairs or building a cottage. Even when she has a really big load, a real woman takes time to recover and look good. It will not play the victim, because he knows that circumstances are difficult by themselves, but because of her relationship to him. "Workhorse” – a diagnosis of the soul, not the circumstances. A woman can be a workhorse anytime, anywhere, with any number of children and work, as well as without it.

9. The loneliness for a real woman is a gift. Your periods of solitude if they are, a real woman loves and appreciates. She does not want to involve in your life of casual acquaintances or men, but would not be alone. To be alone is a blessing. The best time to recover, to fill your life with tranquility and depth. Real woman interesting to herself and enjoys being alone with pleasure.

10. She loves her age. Always. a Real woman live in their present real age, taking advantage of all its benefits. She tells itself stories about that at this age something is "too late” or "too early”. This philosophy is an excuse for those who use years to cover their fears and internal inhibitions. This woman can all and at any age. But because she is not, and never will regret about the fact that she something not in time. This does not mean that she takes care of herself and tries not to look good. It's just not "young” does not pretend to be that which was 20 years ago. a Real woman knows that each age has its own beauty, sexiness and charm.

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