Urgent topic of our day - complaints about Life, family, country, work, colleagues, neighbors, etc.
Complaint in the dialogues, on TV, radio, social networking and discussions.
If You open the various forums on 60% or more they consist of different kinds of complaints.
There are those who constantly complain. And there are those whom the complainers are annoying and they start to complain about them, tightening himself into the vortex of negativity...
Yes, problems happen with everyone. But the quality of Life depends on how we react:
1. How Life is unfair to me.
2. It is necessary to look for a solution, I will study.
3. There is a problem. What and how I plan/going to do/act today.

Yes, in a difficult period of my Life I want to speak, to share, to alleviate the condition.
And it should be done! To get rid of negativity, cleanse!
Bad, difficult, uncomfortable? - please come with a solution to knowledgeable people, professionals, experts.
Go to sports, in creativity, in learning a new skill. List will protasite, examine your fears, blocks, beliefs, causes.
go for it! At least for a little bit! A day step! Move! But never complain!
Complaint = Destruction.
Focus on the negativity = emotional degradation = minus the leaves almost everything, from Finance/ career to personal life/communication. the
Energy "the pipe"..
And the threat that complaining, You attract the same negative people who will even sympathize with You and give advice on how/when/where and with whom to complain about Life better.. You will create an environment, which You close prospects and opportunities - You simply will not be able to see them through the prism of negative beliefs and discussions. br>
I Understand that went to appeal?
1. Analysis of the environment. What I am talking about the quality and content of conversations? What to do? Their values, goals, beliefs? How does this affect You?
2. Health information. What You read, hear, see? Where, how much and what quality information You absorb? For what purpose? What did she give You?
3. Make a list of your achievements over the past six months - they always have, even small. There's always a reason to be proud of yourself
4. Who/what are You complaining about? Who and what You are hurt/disappointed? Write all letters of pardon - free head.
5. Do good for another (close, strangers, needy child, etc.) just like that.
6. Thank Life for all that You had and have now. Thank yourself for what You are and You are going into awareness.
7. Praise yourself for what You are working on improving your Life.

the Limit of negativity, helping others and gratitude we learn to notice the chances/opportunity/road/prospects.
to be happy - you need honesty with ourselves, with others and constructive action. On a daily basis. Sincerely. Carefully.

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