My son...

You're so different, my Sunny Bunny. You are very kind, gentle and responsive. Sometimes you can be rude, angry and demanding. Almost like your dad. Your heart is open world and I, out of your reach and you know, feel and trust.

you know You're the boss, Prosecutor, or simply the king. And let everyone assure you the reverse, smile your indulgence. You feel huge, powerful force inside and still not know what to do with this energy. So male and so invincible.

do You love this life in all its manifestations. And delicate butterflies, and evil wolves. You do realize that wolves are not evil. The ancestors of your favorite dogs, such as our Bagel. And if he's a mongrel, his heart is the same as the Germans or rotelro. They are simply guardians. Look how pathetic puppies Caucasians. They resemble little Teddy bear that you will be overwritten to the holes. You're sleeping with him, son.

And in my dreams you run with the wolves. In the distant obscurity, far away to your dream...

And let the books described the wolves are villains, in fact it is our dog. Loyal, playful, loyal and quite affectionate. And only in moments of danger, the hair is standing on end and Baring his fangs. Or maybe it's the tusks of the elephant you gave me . And I so banks. And Feng Shui has nothing to do with. I don't believe in these tales. And even if you believe, then you know about them yet.

I only believe in you. In your puppy dog enthusiasm from such simple human pleasures.

I believe in your abilities, yet carefully hidden from prying eyes. Intimate. And on such obvious for us with the father. And we love you very much. Just for the fact that you chose us. During our childhood in your smile and our old age is in your hands.

Thank you, son, for your loyalty and love for sincerity and kindness, for one all of us dream.

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