Who are not faced with the anxiety of performance in front of an audience? Now I want to recall some ways that will help to overcome nervousness, anxiety, fear before a performance.

to begin to work with the body. To understand how fear felt, what, and where fear is in the body.

we must remember that in no case do not need to deal with it. It is necessary to develop, realize and release.

then you can give the body exercise (squats, shake hands, make ugiwania, bending..). After the load positive emotions.

Next, pay attention to the breath. In case of difficulty you can perform the following exercise: pen - close your eyes and try to imagine ourselves the pen when you inhale - the pen goes up, when breathing out goes down.

And of course do not forget about self-hypnosis. For example, I can do this, I will succeed!

or who is not a secret that when the mood is reduced, it is possible to raise the mood with a smile, even if through force. Try to smile at yourself in the mirror for 1 minute, to laugh, and believe me an excellent mood!

Before the speech, it would be good to imagine that you're doing great, you're doing it. And when it will be find among the audience of those who are positive at the moment for eye contact. Well, if among the listeners, friends and acquaintances, which can be viewed during performances. This will give you confidence.

that are very important to give yourself installation that once I begin to speak, everybody will listen to me carefully. You can imagine yourself an important person, important person. And the audience is less significant people.

There is a theory that when you speak publicly, you give the energy charge listening to you . Whether it's anxiety or joy, interest - the public will increase this charge several times and will give you a message back. And of course, as it will be nice to get positive emotions from listeners increased several times.

to All of you, I wish well to speak before an audience and get positive emotions!

Olesya Berestova
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