The female myths about the initiation of men


in women exist, their myths about how excited men:

- man excited just by touching the penis
- just to undress before a man and this is sufficient for its excitation
- man is always ready and always wants a woman
- man excites unleashed and arrogant woman
- man loves when he was suddenly grabbed by the penis
- man always gets excited at the sight of a naked woman, so you can constantly walk in front of him naked and having sex more often
- just enough to kiss the man, and he's already excited
- if the men stood up the penis during denudation women then he is impotent or sick
- drunk man a very passionate lover
- drunk man can't have sex at all
- when a man love a woman, he knows how to please her through the power of love
- the ideal lover is a man with broad shoulders,  muscular arms and slender legs
- if a man loses control of himself during arousal and ceases to pay attention to anything except his own desires, he will eventually come to her senses and is enough to endure unpleasant sex with him
- a man without experience, observation and knowledge are capable of “intuitive” to be a good lover
- man excites any touch of a woman (give an example: a hard, sharp, weak, oppressive, coarse…)
- as a woman did Blowjob, the man is always happy, excited and satisfied
- confident man, arrogant, bold, definitely a great lover who knows how to bring a woman to orgasm

the reality men different. Usually men with increased excitability is quite young. They also may not like the different moments of manifestations and fantasies of women about them, but they ignore and suppress their feelings (to a certain limit). Then the man becomes calmer, he has experience and from one kind of female body he's not excited.

it Happens that some of these myths align with reality for a period of time, the man matches one or more preceding examples, but with time the situation may change dramatically, because to adjust all the time under the image and be himself a man simply can not. A constant voltage izluchaet him, and he will begin to change dramatically.

men are various psychological barriers that he also has to overcome. Someone has a bad experience the previous sexual relations, someone has very little experience, someone has a phobia of women's aggressive behavior, someone especially when excited…

the result is that men see their approaches and knowledge, which also will affect the quality of sexual intercourse, desire for sex and the degree of confidence in his partner.


men are often scared off by aggressive behavior on the part of women, in which excitation does not occur
- man may be shocking, when a woman comes up, grabs his head and kisses sharply, holding her
- man it is frustrating when it suddenly and roughly grabbed by the sexual organ
- man may be frightened, if a woman begins suddenly and quickly undress and try to engage him in sex, he may think that she is sick or too greedy, or not in his right mind
the man doesn't like it when a woman gets during foreplay and the sexual intercourse
the man doesn't like it when a woman scratches his back during sex or trying to strangle him in moments of sexual intimacy
Usually most of the men bring what about their features partner is humiliating. Bring up that if he had not stood up because he was tired, relaxed, and loaded with problems, not ready to have sex, he has sexual problems, impotence, or he doesn't love his woman, or he has another woman.

All of this imposes on the man a strong sense of shame and guilt, as in front of him, and to his woman. As a result, in order not to look guilty in his and her eyes he abstrahere, agressiruet on the situation and the people around him, including relatives, or goes head first into work. At worst, it accuses the partner in a bad appeal to him, looking for weaknesses in everyday situations (but avoiding talking about sex because talking about it is too ashamed and afraid for him).

Another option for resolving internal stress is alcohol. There are two versions of events:

or it will ignore your unpleasant feelings and intimacy, compensating for blurred mind a feeling of dissatisfaction and unpleasant intimacy
- or he will not be able to enter into a sexual relationship, pointing out that he has no erection, thus allowing the internal conflict, suppressing his desire and unpleasant for him sex games

it is Important to understand men are as individual as women, it is important the special approach, they have their own fears and barriers that they can overcome if they are to pay attention and try to understand them.

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