The inner wizard and the fog of illusion


Article continues the theme of magic in our lives, begun in the article "do we Have the right magic"

Sometimes after a constellation in the evening in the Centre "Olvia" is still a little time for endurance exercise.

In this magical Sunday afternoon it was decided to work with two States:

1) As fog, trance, illusion, cozy state of comfort

2) As the inner magician, the magician, the inner core

These conditions were tested on the subject of how they help or hinder you to achieve currently relevant goals.

exercise: to test "the hard way" the difference of these States, their effectiveness in driving to the goal, so when I meet a negative condition to be able to as soon as possible is able to recognize and switch to more effective. (Similar gearbox in the car, sometimes it is more efficient first gear, sometimes fifth).

Work is being done in fours


  • Master of the situation (chosen by lot)
  • the Figure of "the illusion of fog, the TRANS"
  • the Figure of the "Inner magician (the magician, the rod, the higher self)"
  • the figure of the "Actual purpose in life"


  • Master of the situation looks at the goal one (share your feedback)
  • Master of the situation looks at the goal, standing near the shoulder-to-shoulder with Illusion (share your feedback)
  • Master of the situation looks at the goal, standing near shoulder to shoulder with the Inner magician (share your feedback)


  • the Resource is caught. Understand that the fog is a nice thing. Don't even know how to come off, so it's good. Sticky. And pleasant. Like butterscotch in his mouth.
  • When I illusion, I do not see the purpose. If not for the help of a magician, I would target generally wouldn't.
  • I felt good in the omission of live. Not to say that it is quite good. Something inside is resisting this. But in General good, and to live with it comfortably. But when a magician does an illusion ceases to exist, just cease to feel that it is. There is clarity. Go to the goal directly without any turns. Go to the goal.

  • the Metaphor I have is this: a man Sitting in the illusion that the warm summer will be forever. This time - BOOM! the first November frost. And the man begins frantically to collect firewood. Collect them without any illusions.
  • and sometimes frost no not necessary. Energy is appears that you have not had time to think, and you're already on. Without any thinking. Just go do it.
  • I also caught a moment with internal wizard go to the goal clearly, as if you have already achieved.
  • When you switch to wizard, do not see obstacles. All obstacles parted respectful crowd on the sidelines as the sea which parted in front of Moses.
  • the Feeling is that it should be and generally can not be different.
  • No twist in the head with no options. What can stop you? Not all of this. Maybe it should be! Can we take it as a given.
  • I in this exercise, I realized that I have a lot tied to the tactility. The swamp of illusion is a warm, humane, as to refuse it?! But I got a really good-willed commander, the magician, who said: "let's go!" And when I reached goal, I realized that I myself am the source of all that is happening to me. I can create, create that heat, all that was comfortable and pleasant old, I can not afford to create on a new level in the future. That alone is my conscious authorship.
  • the Atmosphere today is amazing. Great to break the deadlock. Great to do whatever you want.
  • the illusion of images and the facts of reality for the brain is not feature anything. To understand that something is an illusion is the same kind of feat. As soon as you realize that this illusion is a creation of your brain, you can simply alter the image. And that's all. And there is no deadlock.
  • in this work it is important to hear the words of the Deputy about the illusion. Once the information from the Deputy heard by the customer – everything is in its place.
  • Men easier to detect the illusion. They have such a role in the world compared to women. (Laughter of the women in the hall)
  • For me, today was a great opening that our parts can be so divided. What we have in the head and the body lives in a Council house with deputies.
  • the Illusion that was in my placement gave me a very unfriendly, unkind, bad attitude. What I say and are told is most likely the parent story. I felt that I at the moment can't get away from this in any way. And as soon as I regained contact with his inner core, everything became easy and smooth.
  • the path to the goal is myself. It's like the joke: "I printed three hundred beats per minute. What comes out is nonsense!" (everybody laughs). Instead of doing a bunch of crap, you have to ask your self, what I call, for help. I asked: "Anything I failed. Help me please." My higher self says: "it is Very important that you yourself admitted it". And when I found it, we went together to the goal. The purpose of calling me invitingly, comes to all the sexy dances that you can imagine. But I was distracted by what was happening in another month. And that's all! The purpose of me calling. And my interest wandered. And just when my rod did something (kicked, launched), suggested that should I want to. This is very similar to the runaway bride syndrome. I see the goal, go to it, but at some point, when there is only one step, it becomes interesting. While I'm sure that's my goal. I just have another 38 additional interests arise. I have a very clear focus to see your target. And then there is contact, achieving goals and refocused on the next goal. And my higher self said to me: "How hard it is you bring to that you are not dissipated, not waste energy on something foreign. They need to focus and clearly go forward."
  • the Most interesting – to participate in the experience of this exercise. Each person has a goal different is happening. It gave me very great insight. The goal may be a completely different extracted. Sometimes it is covered with mist and slime, sometimes it will clear, sometimes we long to find. And this understanding came to me in a joint search for our group. After all, we are often fixated on the current task, this goal. That's very different is happening in our lives and even at different ages.
  • Every time in such exercises eyes open: "what so you? That's it!!!" It was very interesting to feel that for everyone – it is about his own. Energy alone, but she takes a very individual form. Cool.

In the centre "OLVIA" placement and other miracles happen every day.

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Yuri Karpenko
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