"I saw it! Now I know what I want and how I will build it!" - with enthusiasm and a gleam in his eyes told a client when I asked him to share his impressions.

"Now I know what to do in this situation. I haven't been able to find a solution and I have seen how I do it, I'll tell them. It's great!"

"I have brought order there! And now feel my power!"

you Can list many more of those interesting discoveries that have made my clients after psycho "House."

And not only those discoveries which they had to share immediately after technology, but also those that have occurred and still occur in their lives.

* * *

those Who have read my articles, may have realized that I often work with the subconscious mind of the client and love to apply trance-inducing psycho, because they allow customers to find answers to their questions, to gently realign their strategies on effective behavior.

As I like to say: "All the answers inside of You. Your subconscious knows everything. Only Your subconscious knows that You will help and how you can do. Inside the huge resources, which only need to disclose."

And we attain them, including using the psycho "House."

This is the same as the technique of "Tree" work with the client in trance.

Psycho "House" is quite effective when working with the following queries:

  1. "addicted to Love".
  2. "every time I think about him (her), it hurts, what to do?"
  3. "Bad thoughts interfere with life"
  4. "In the head constantly bad thoughts"
  5. "I Want to bring order in the mind"
  6. the"Past experiences interfere with"
  7. "I don't understand what's going on"
  8. "I Want to understand yourself"
  9. "can"
  10. "the Stagnation in relationships, in life"
  11. "I forbid you (to love yourself, enjoy life, be healthy, be happy)"
  12. "it Seems that I'm losing my mind"

As you have seen, this is the wording of the requests of the clients with whom I conducted psycho "House." Many queries were quite complex, and applying psycho "House," along with cognitive behavioral therapy, art therapy and other psychic techniques, we quickly and gently took to the road, where they're going and know exactly what they want, how to live, feel confident in yourself.

the uniqueness of the psycho "House" is that gently and naturally the client "restore order in the head", resulting in the start of the new mechanisms come insights, felt elation, inspiration, and thanks to the new settings of the subconscious, the client easily and naturally "resolves" difficult situation, "sees" the Outlook of your life and go for them, and talking to them positively.

the Technique of "Building" is quite effective in a single application, the effect in my practice at all and is always manifested, and in conjunction with other methods of therapy.

Customers with severe cases and those who are in therapy, I often offer the technique of "Building" along with other techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy. In this case, the psycho "House" can serve as a starting point for "raking blockages", which were formed in the mind of the client, and then further therapy is much more effective.

the Technique can be carried out at group trainings. And, of course, the technique is more effective in individual work. Because takes into account not only the request of the client, but also his personal characteristics and the degree of immersion in a trance, because the trance in this case is a very important component.

* * *

When I was in school, maybe in College, and maybe then in another time, not important, important is that I wanted to have certain magical qualities. For what? In order to do magic, a miracle. It's great infinite possibilities.. it is possible so to organize their lives I wonder, can other people help to make their lives interesting.

And today, I feel something magical, and when I spend a technology with those who need it who are tired of hurting, tired of suffering, who wants to live and live wonder, when I hear inspired of impressions after the client came out of trance, and when the client tells with pride about their achievements in life when a chance encounter or in the message some time after the last class.

It's magical, it's a miracle! To learn and be able to control your mind, to learn and be able to use their subconscious, to learn and to be able to build your life consciously!

"Be in the life of an alchemist and learn how to transform every situation in a favorable case." (John Kehoe)

good Luck!

Rykov Dean
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