Very often people avoid contact with their own fear. But the fear is primarily an emotion, but it is accompanied by the manifestation of pronounced autonomic symptoms (tachycardia, sweating, chills, headache, sensation of heat and other signs of disorder of the autonomic system). This many people are scared and fear that you will not be able to cope with it, they fail to do anything, it's like will to stop them, afraid that they will judge and think of them as a weak person, or may think that the fear will never end. Many do not realize that fear is necessary, and just want to get rid of it. People are afraid to feel fear, to be afraid to Express it. However, I believe that fear is very valuable for human development. Constant avoidance of fears can greatly complicate our lives, even control it to some extent.

Fear arises when danger threatened. Fear there is, first of all, to realize that in the face of danger, and to take measures necessary for safety. If the danger is such that it can be handled, the fear, most likely, acts as something that is able to mobilize us for something very important, for example, for a new experience. It is these fears will be discussed. I regard my meeting with fears from the point of view of Gestalt therapy, as practiced by this approach.

the First step closer to meeting is the adoption of our fear, the recognition that he is. To meet up with their own fear, it is important to exclude all ways of escape from him.

Avoiding facing your fear can be the following:

  1. to pretend it does not exist
  2. Condemn
  3. Lock
  4. the Role of "victim" anger at the reality, that they have to experience fear.
  5. Detachment of switching to something else
  6. responsibility for own on others.

In therapy, my clients often secause with their own fears, one of them runs up to leaving the therapy, and someone decides to buy a new experience. Meeting face to face with the fear of extraordinary healing, awareness, feelings, needs. People as a result of this meeting, gets a great experience, acquires its own value and awareness, the ability to take responsibility for themselves and their own lives, to become "Mature".

In the therapy of fear is discussed from the point of view of what function it performs in the implementation of human contact with the outside world or interrupt this contact. The result healthy contact is the satisfaction of their own needs, often, those people were not previously aware of. The task of therapeutic work with experiences fear from a position of Gestalt therapy lies not in getting rid of that experience as such, and re-establish healthy contact, interrupted by fear, to satisfy needs for security and survival, in support of the ability to implement self-care in challenging circumstances.

People who decide to Dating with fear have the opportunity to explore, to find new faces, to new information. And all of this helps to relive the anxiety, we're often afraid of the unknown, of something new, unknown to us, and therapy gives the opportunity to compensate. And often the fear transformered into something else, the person becomes calmer, and he begins to live life more fully, more varied and more consciously. Accommodation fear opens up new possibilities, new perspectives and resources. All these meetings take place with the support of the therapist, in a careful, unhurried individual client's pace.

So, fear is not always unbearable, destructive and undesirable. Often, fear is the ability to know yourself more fully, a key to clarify their own needs and desires, the opportunity to learn new experience, to live bright and full life. But the choice for everybody. The man himself decided or not decided on this reverent, exciting, challenging, but at the same time unique and healing meeting.

Zhuravel Vita
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