I'm scared to be alone? Yes, sometimes I am afraid. Maybe because in childhood, they told us that if you're not obedient, we will not love you. And it's scary. Because love is the adult child's life. Dislike adult is death. Death is not always physical, but emotional and mental. And all we really want to live and are ready for it. To change yourself, to pretend, to adapt, to hurt, to not feel, to not be you. We are ready to fulfill all conditions to this love to. But whether this love that we lust after?

No, not the same.

This love can only exist in one form from a mother to her child. And if these relations were not held an unconditional love (and this happens way too often), then there is something that describes in his stunning poem “About a hole”, Aglaya Dateshidze. But this does not mean that all is over and life has failed. this begins the most interesting - search itself. The most absurd and the most difficult. Find yourself. Why, because I have. Ya. Is. And who am I? What I know about myself? What I was informed are the parents? Teachers? Friends? Head? Colleagues? The Natal chart? The horoscope? The mirror?

I seem to be good. In moderation. When Noah and not capricious. When not bothering the big. When silent and not stand out. When not angry, not yelling. Not leaving the house. That's when I was good enough. But I it?

and here begins the most interesting. Because we receive information on external channels of the senses, analyzed, mapped and create an image of himself made up of all these evaluations, characteristics, opinions, descriptions etc. And what we know about ourselves? Without all this external? We all know about ourselves anything? How much time per week I spend on it to know yourself? All this time there?

You may not believe me. But the most exciting, valuable and productive in life is getting to know ourselves. Meeting yourself. With you present.

love can be someone you have properly studied, understood and accepted.

Scared me to be alone?

Scared to stay with a stranger. With those who do not trust, those who are unable to rely, with someone to blame, are ashamed of and despise. Scared to stay in as a small and helpless girl, asking, asking for love. It's scary.

Meeting with you, the best thing I have. And this meeting not end. It is infinite. I'm learning to face yourself. with psychotherapy, training, with the help of his family, his work, his friends, with the help of routine cases, using non-routine cases, in dance, in conversation, in singing. And all this makes sense. Because every time is a meeting with you.

Why are we so scared to be alone? And this is what we fear. Because we ourselves do not know. And to be alone with a stranger for a very long time sick. No, it's not exactly a stranger, but an acquaintance rather as a neighbor, with whom we spend our lives side by side, but know almost nothing. And used to Poznavat. And be guided by the opinion about it. There was something like THIS. And when we have chance, we want to say the usual - hi, how are you? Well, winter this year! And go without knowing ANYTHING about him. Because accustomed to Poznavat. What if can be found in something more? And suddenly he turns out to be a bad man, and it's your neighbor, with whom to live and to live. No, better not to know. It is better not to approach. Because suddenly...

In the meeting with them can be a useful Guide or Guides. And they could be anyone. Any other, any situation, any event, book, film, word, sound. All of this Guide to meet with you. Write and wonder. Because it is. Wow.

Thanks to my guides. You are here right with me. My loneliness, my child, my husband, my friends, the people around. It all helps me to meet. Imagine what a miracle!


Hello! You have a lot of flaws, you're perfect, never will be and yet you are perfect in all respects. Because you're you. You don't need others to be happy. Start with that and see what happens.

the Psychologist (and therapist) is the man that accompanies the meeting with you. This helps the meeting run as much as possible now. Because Dating is a risky business. Because a lot of the unknown. Because a lot of what to meet is not very convenient. With pain, hate, anger, shame, betrayal. And with great love.


When we open the door to themselves, that like Alice we fall into a magical land, where there is everything. A lot of joy, warmth and love, gratitude and happiness. The other part is that in the possession of the Evil Queen. Where the lives evil, danger and pain. But when we are quietly illuminated the darkness covered her, exploring, gradually conferred in its bright side, what we get - the picture becomes clearer, fuller, more whole. We find lost pieces of myself, which is very bitter. Without which we can not live happily. This is similar to password-protected applications in phone. We select a password, meet and enjoy. Password-protected and the less applications the better the whole system works, the less it hangs. I am a master of the metaphor, Yes?))


Each meeting must be timely. Each process has its own duration. Each person has their own duration. Sometimes too early. Until you read the entire book, you don't know how it ended. And if you look at the end, the meaning will still elude us. You never know what is at the bottom of the Cup until you drink it to the end. And just finishing his tea, you'll see that sugar is all this time lying on the bottom of Cup and so it was so sweet (I give!).


Sometimes safe to wait. And when so, then everything they say will be a long time is not clear. Will come across the wrong people, the wrong books, the wrong Teacher. But this is not true - all bridges, steps to the same Meeting. A little later you will understand why your life was this thing, this pain, these lessons and tests. They seem to say - look, this whole thing is you. You can manage it all,if you accept only what you can, that you're in charge, you all rule.

But behind this seemingly endless attempts to change, to become better, to be who you are. And the reward for the wonderful insight - it is not necessary to change ourselves, we need to meet with you. Your it is happiness!


the Difficulty is that we have to meet with him in pain, in shame, in guilt, rejection, anger, despair, resentment, in imperfection, in mistakes and in other uncomfortable experiences from which we turn aside for many years.


Hello! You will never be perfect and not pick up even close to ideal and you can be absolutely, irrevocably stunning happy man.

Meeting the challenge. It's a place where there are no conditions and it's hard to believe. Talking about it all, but few people in it.


You are beautiful right now😱😍.

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