The possible motives of love for animals


Animals loved by many people, and some have a great desire to respond to their suffering, that is, to sympathize with our younger brothers, take care of them to help, until the organization of shelters and other charities.

Someone traces in this attachment to animals is the avoidance of loneliness (don't know if the study on the correlation of feelings of loneliness and increased attachment to the animals). However, such a direct and simple explanation seems to me too narrow.

There are several thoughts about this:

1. Based on the theory of privatnosti.

Partly I accept vysheozvuchennoy opinion, because I believe in the human need for attachment, and if it cannot be filled with love, it can take various forms. 

Bestiality and I feel very strong, fixed form of such substitution of the primary objects that, roughly speaking, in situations where an animal was much better, tender and close mother than the biological mother. And to organize relations of affection with many Pets, give them a guaranteed and tangible positive feedback.

2. Based on the theory of defense mechanisms of projection and transference.

Also in the animal much easier to see and own the suffering, especially the kind of abandonment of strays, a kind of abandonment and uselessness, staleness sympathize the cruel world.

is There still your grandmother, fed stray animals? Basically, those women whose childhood took place in the war and post-war period when large and for adults was by and large not up to them, other problems were other negative factors impact on the depth and neosoznannoi this injury.

3. On the basis of existential experience.

the Animal can charm its naturalness, its simplicity: no need to worry about so many important things. It's not only about loans and courts, but also the meaning of his existence, and the deepest motivations of their actions, awareness of the finiteness of his life.

the Existential questions usually are not recognized, but that their impact on man and his life is not getting smaller. Expelled is a very important part and contact with animals can bring at least a relief in that sense. 

Conclusion: love the animal easier in cases when the libido (the energy of love) goes the way of simplification in the sense that when enough of the primitive reactions to people feeling needed, loved and good. 

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