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K. G. Yung noted that the vast majority of neurosis is the loss of meaning. What is it and how to compensate for the loss? Is there a universal meaning to which everyone can fall?

I'll Try to answer these questions.

a Sense of meaning can be called the opposite of a deep sense of emptiness – that is, an experience of fullness of being, of his immense wealth. And something of the great feeling for all visible and obvious.

Everyone is looking for the source of meaning itself and finds its own, unique. For one it will work, heartily love the work, not the one go, as hard labor, just for the money. For another family, the closeness of loved ones, nurturing love. For the third – creativity. For the fourth – spirituality. For the fifth – stamp collecting. And for someone meaning – in every moment, always different.

No its universal meaning and can not be. But all his feeling is hidden in the unconscious, because that is where utter hidden treasures, the Archetypes, the inner divinity.

If the connection is lost with them, life, remaining as if quite prosperous, it becomes deep empty, completely emasculated. And here lurk depression, existential longing, kill alcohol and other drugs, like gambling, addicted to toxic relationships that don't fill and empty, but still briefly cover the unbearable inner pain of the meaninglessness of existence.

In this condition often come to the psychologist. Comes that moment, when the inevitable contact with the soul, with its ineffable mystery, its beauty and dangers.

I would advise for finding the meaning to read poetry. Yes, poetry, which few who really loves and knows, and always has been, she never was especially popular, and remains so to this day. Well, if not poetry, then fiction. If not prose, it is a great movie. Art allows you to get in touch with you. Through it soul speaks to us most clearly and loudly! And as through dreams, through an active imagination, spontaneous fantasies.

Paradero Olga
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