a Bit of history. According to medieval beliefs, the debris had to be sure to burn in a furnace, and not to make public. This was due to the fact that it could be personal items that could be used by bad people against this family for their own purposes. Therefore, the expression “don't wash your dirty linen in public" later became portable, like the ban on domestic dissemination of information about the problems.

   All familiar with this saying “don't wash your dirty linen in public”. However, this principle does not apply to family therapy. We used to hide their shortcomings, because we know that they are not acceptable by society. After all, we humans used to behave better than it really is. Even a joke there is this:

“happy Family resting on three elephants.

  1. Never tell my husband that you told your mother.
  2. Never tell your mother that told you the husband.
  3. Never never tell anyone about what is happening in your house”.

  This compromise condition (of course not only that) and leads to internal conflicts, thus distorting the human psyche. But sooner or later, over time, the internal problems popping out, breaking the usual rhythm of life. This can be expressed in family troubles, disputes and disagreements in the family, and also alcoholism, nervous breakdowns, inappropriate behavior, problems in school and at work, and more. etc.

  Thus, family psychologists suggest the back of the recipe i.e. until you will make “rubbish” in public, he will live within a family system. He will hover in the cloud of the family unit, creating with his presence a constant voltage in the system.


About your problems you can talk to your mom, dad, brothers and sisters, friends, but it will not bring any result, and sometimes Vice versa. As a rule, their intentions are positive, but your family remain ordinary human beings with their subjective opinions, experience. Therefore, their views on your problem are often biased. In addition, all of this undermines your confidence.

If there is a problem i.e. ‘symptom" of the family, then the problem should be solved fundamentally, which means to make dirty linen in public sooner or later anyway have. And better sooner than never.

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