Now, many write. It's cool and fun. There are a lot of different platforms where you can self-publish their works, and not wait months, as previously, the answer editor. Can talk, completely free of charge, to publish online books and then sell them by subscription to readers of the literary website.

It's amazing and very resource. Writing a scope for creativity, and even the opportunity to earn by their labor. Payment for articles is mostly due to the posted content.

working Here is the General principle: monetization enabled when the channel is gaining the number of reads is sufficient for determining the rating of the author. On the platform Yandex Zen, for example, the indicator rating is pochityvaya articles.

in order to work, it was interesting to read it, of course, you need talent. But beyond that, there are a number of factors that affect the success of the publication.

the essays, notes, or articles must be relevant, interesting a wide audience. The text of the story should not contain places was long and tedious, unnecessary digressions, unnecessary descriptions. The words are designed to bring alive the Association to affect the strings of the soul.

Initially, it is important to choose the correct title of the story that will elicit the desire to "fall" inside. The text is better structured so that the reader is not bored by reading it. For this we need to use a paragraph, you can highlight a specific color passages.

in Itself, the creativity and the life-giving resource. But equally important is feedback from the reader. And if writing is the payment is a direct indication that there is a resonance, works find a response that they need.

It is a known fact that people trusting your thoughts to paper, as if freed from the problems of tearing from the inside. And creativity becomes emotionally charged, if the work is invested soul, if it is sincere. The candor and passion will never go unnoticed. Therefore, there is a live connection with the audience, and as a consequence - the possibility of earning by literary work.

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