Happened, You meet people who are content with only small? Who could live happily and fully, and instead live in expectation of a train? Who could enjoy a delicious coffee in the station, and instead of just sitting and waiting. On the suitcase. Pretending that other conditions they do not. That still does not have a train... What important issues do not have time, because to go through 40 minutes. There is no time to call a friend and congratulate you on your birthday. And so all his life.


And so all my life these people are not going to clean up the dirty dishes, and not even relegated to conveniently sit down to the table... do Not ask for higher wages, indignant 15 years a colleague in the shop, for a promotion and they need it for life. Who darn socks 18 times, but won't buy a new one. Survive, accepting all the UPS and downs in everyday life, not even turning on, that is not normal.

Met? I recently met such a person.


I am without judgement, assessment and criticism, such people find their lives reasonable and have every right to live as you want. And have the right not to respond to ambitions and desires of other people. I'm just in deep surprise when the man said to me: "You know, I did not have in this life. There is bread and water, well."


I was puzzled, and as always, include analysis and mode "relogit on the shelves." I wanted to know why. And I tried to understand "What's going on?" before asking the question.

- one is happy with their bread and water and nothing to climb to him with stories about the oil and the eggs. He grew up to 50go level of existence, and is freed from material ties.

- People grew up /lived in a particular environment, where it is not customary to raise his head to aim, etc. It's just not taught and examples was not around.

- Human "zatyukali", devalued and despised, that he no longer wants. People do not believe that you are worthy and able to cope with the problem.

- he's Got plenty in the soul that does not want to "rake" and all this is manifested in the life.

- too Lazy to strain, something to do with my life, and all he is tired of life (constantly resisting, cursing power, hypocrisy, self and others, playing roles, etc.).


My stream of consciousness was ordered, and I was able to pick up the correct, adequate words, to choose the tone without condemnation or criticism and with sincere interest asked:

"Tell me why you're living decades in the hallway of life?"


And the answer sent me to the astral plane:

"what? That would be a child (30 years, if that) on your feet and everything will fall into place and I'll be on my way. I'm only 56 now."


I understood.

This man bought 25 years ago, the coffee maker keeps it in the closet, never used. This is a man who all his life will save money for the apartment and 20 years to eat a lot of pasta. This is the man who is waiting for the train.


I say to live life, not wait that it will come in 55.

! Now to clean the house for 3 days before the trip, and not 5 days after it.

! Right now to admit their desires and allow themselves to version 2.0.

! Right now there are clean beautiful dish, not a sausage, cut on a cutting Board.

! Sleep on satin bedding, which lies in the closet for the 4th year and not a cheap fleece blanket.


it's Time to stop putting life on then?

it is time to become the person I wanted 10 years ago?

it's Time to stop sleeping at the station of life?

it is Time to allow ourselves to take from life what you want?


Author: Janina Zaruba

a series of articles "Mindfulness, brightness, integrity and freedom from Yanina Sarubai"



Zaruba Ioannina
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