Many women often talk about their witchy nature, about certain mechanisms of its multifaceted personality that are deep inside and sometimes even inaccessible for some women.

with the development of a program of study of female archetypes, solely based on an individual approach to each woman, builds a chain of issues for the attainment of inner peace women and the search of those negative attitudes, attitudes that bring into her life imbalance.

Perhaps, we need to mention that magic perceived me as a complete philosophical system of knowledge in the world and peace within himself with the revival and revitalization of those life impulses, which can transform human life in his willingness to change and personal transformation.

Believe me, "something magical" and there we are with our abilities, resources, life potential, which is like hiding in a crystal casket in the depths of our unconscious.

For several years I used a variety the associative and metaphorical techniques in the study of certain personal assets. But all of a sudden (it worked here it is the unconscious, when regular consultations far into the night, via the video I turned to the image of "a Witch" and during the conversation asked a question earlier on which you didn't pay attention. What body of water near the dwelling of a Witch? The spontaneous question, but deepening it opens up completely new perspectives of the individual).

the Female nature is connected with the element of Water. there's a perfectly obvious explanation, noticed from a deep primitive: excretory reproductive system, the menstrual cycle, and add more a woman's ability to cry without fear in most cases, condemnation... Besides, the Woman hysterically. Ability to anticipate and predict. (Please allow a slight digression. In Judaism the woman has no right to read the Talmud, and not due to the fact that her diskriminerad, namely because of the possibility to interpret him purely intuitive and not based on knowledge of the laws and rational).
Thus mosaic canvas of ancient cultures Water is a symbol of intuitive knowledge of the world, exclusively Feminine.

technology is at first glance very simple, but requires a little skill in the field of psychosemantics (interpretations of archetypes, symbols, signs, colors, etc.).

so before the woman different landscapes with water resources: swamp, pond, stream, river, sea, ocean. Which one she chooses, that we deeply investigate. (It should also be noted that when face-to-face consultations would be more efficient to offer the girl to draw water).

Picture bogs (required with additional questions) can be selected when the lack of inner strength and resilience, "toughness" may indicate physical illness.

At the same time, ocean picture (also with follow-up questions) speaks to the vitality, the tendency of high self-esteem, increase aggression, but can also be a displacement of fears related to the water resource and the deeper layers of the psyche.

Now to the question about the broom and its owner.

What is fraught with this indispensable companion of a witch?

Working with the image of the Witches begins with a story about this amazing lady. A woman may portray the witch, which would correspond to a projective technique, or to submit her sketch. Very important points in practice are such as -

1. age

2. specifying the type of shape

3. about the external features and characteristics (particularly significant here is beautiful, attractive, ugly, repulsive, bent, slender, warts, clear skin, etc.).

4. Where she lives? (a girl can choose absolutely any historical era from prehistoric to modern times, or even the distant future)

5. Near what body of water does she live?

6. With whom does she live? (family, animals, solitude, etc.).

7. What is its mission? (do goodness, to help people, to hurt others, angry, nervous, aggressive, uncertain activity, etc.).

8. Finally, broom - nPismenny transport Witches and magic assistant.

there is also a woman can portray a broom on paper and(or) to draw up a detailed story about her.

Broom for witches not just transportation, is a symbol of deep transformational processes, the symbol of change that signify the cleansing. This and the house on the farm is necessary, and "service". Also, the broom is a phallic symbol, and to some extent the attitude, traits may signal about the intimate sphere of a woman.

Therefore, asking a woman on a broomstick, it is important to pay attention to the nuances of the first answers, reservations, confidence in the answers.

Technique allows one to reveal personal aspects of women, open pockets personality conflicts, but at the same time contributes to the expansion of consciousness and going beyond the blinders of prejudice.

Arkhangelsk Nadezhda
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