We are all waiting for spring as a season of renewal. And right waiting. Want to lift the spirits and bring spring?

"Spring, the,time, special, our ancestors knew about it. This refresh time, and time getting rid of obsolete and growing new.

it is Not always possible so quickly and nimbly to get rid of bad, old spring one.

in the Spring you can all this with myself in adinacati reset. Because a new back old, the place itself demands, asks in our lives. Old at this point, you could shed like a snake skin throws. And she there, under the old skin, is a young, fresh skin. Only so arranged that what is new and good now, after some time itself will fade and turn into unnecessary weight in old rags.

If you save on what you stick, you will quickly get poisoned and your soul will become a stone, cold and hard as the Packed debris.

Spring is given to us to drop off all the old and unnecessary. have to do this, to use a favorable moment.

the First thing you need to focus on the space around his Clean it. You should start with getting rid of the usual dirt. And then the energy cleaning of the home to do.

Look around, listen, but not the ears and soul. How did you feel? Is all well in your house? Walk through the rooms, check out the kitchen, to the bathroom. Your task is to identify the main hotbed of tension. It is from this place and need to start spring cleaning. This hotbed of tension you should immediately eliminate". (excerpted from Mary Ignatova "Anastasia")

  1. 1. so, as always, we begin with cleaning the house, ridding the space around You from unnecessary garbage:

Give, sell, or at least thrown out of the house all that is "dead stuff", not working, not functioning, is not pleased with You.

Then proceed to the General cleaning of the entire premises.

don't forget about the Windows and curtains, the floor, the ceiling.

Tools for cleansing of premises:



the fire candles


oil eating

cedar oil


  1. 2. Next open the window and releasing all unnecessary: your unwanted thoughts, emotions, people, events, and let in the joy and spring.

Open floral oils (rose, Mimosa, Jasmine, Lily, Orchid, Lily of the valley) and this smell enveloping their homes.

Will be just fine, if You buy bulbs and plant them in pots with earth.

At the end of March, when many cities will still be snow on the windowsill is a miracle!

If the bulbs are difficult to buy, put at least the onion in cups of water, as did our mothers and within a week he'll spring green arrows. Or buy yourself a beautiful flower in a pot.

Soooo, the surrounding space in order to lead? Now updated.

what You want to upgrade?

What new qualities, properties, and events, You will grow up? Think right now! And draw them into flowers or trees in a conspicuous place for You. ( in the diary, in the form of bright pictures on the wall, etc.)

What would be written on the pots? Courage, ability to enjoy, self-confidence, beauty? And start to "grow" them.

in the Spring everything grows faster!

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Olesya Dobrovolskaya

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