Why do we need pause and stop


Today we will talk about why we need pause and stop in any case.
Any business consists of many fast decisions, actions, embodying the decisions, and the final chord – the result that we get.
have Like a plane taking off at the start, in the beginning we invest significant effort in control of every movement, monitor performance and react quickly to all changes. And then the plane has gained altitude just flying along and before planting is similar to mobilization, as during takeoff.
✅Cycle "decision – implementation – result" similar to the takeoff and landing of the aircraft: the greatest energy costs occur on the first and last phase.
✅When to pause and stop?
🔺Before making a decision, when collected all the input data. "With this in mind you need to sleep" – just about this moment. To the implementation of any decisions taken need to get rested, perhaps there will be new inputs, which were not considered;
🔺Before the final action. Usually people refer to arguments that early to relax, all you need to complete, saying "I Made a deal – walk safely." But because of tiredness and tunnel vision thinking frequent errors at this stage. Therefore, a slight pause before the final leap will be very resource;
🔺After completion and receipt of results. Very natural stop, which happens almost automatically: we breathe out, the body relaxes. At this moment there is a feeling that can "move mountains". Do not run to the next mountain, we need to find time to enjoy the result and feel energized for the following achievements.
have a Very important question that often arises: how to relax, which is beneficial pause?
✅each person has resources that help you to relax. For some it's a dream for some sports, for some companionship, for someone reading books.
❓do you have such a resource? That helps save energy and rest?

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Natalia Spiridonova
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