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When speaking about relationships, especially among women, it is not rare to hear such opinions of the fair sex, saying that men today do not aspire to long term relationships, and the worthy among them almost none. In some women may be right, but today it's not about that.

Often have to watch as some women diligently apply the scenarios of conduct already (and sometimes more than once) led to undesirable results. Thus, when point out to them that meet very strong resistance.

the Reason for this behavior is very simple, in order to get something qualitatively new, it is necessary that thinking the person has changed. But to change something in a hurry. Some sincerely believe that can change overnight with a male knight. Others believe that good enough, and his loneliness and lack of relationships, it is easier to explain to those that they encountered "inappropriate male".

In fact, some women are afraid to admit even to themselves that they are afraid to leave their comfort zone. After all, if there was a man all life the usual way will have to change, in varying degrees. Very often the perception of the reality of this comfort zone a woman has a very distorted appearance. This is due to the fact that women primarily start emotions, and their attention is directed inward-looking, and not on the situation or the man. And this, in turn, leads to the fact that the brain, drawing on the experience of the senses immediately blocks or negative marks everything that can destroy this comfort zone. In other words, the subconscious mind produces such images, when meeting with the new who brain klassificeret as a threat and reacts accordingly.

In practice, it may look like unreasonable requests to the man, the complete disregard, escape, rude, deliberately lewd or puritanical behavior. But the real reason is that scared to change your thinking. Interestingly, when external requests building relationships internally some women don't want that.

If the relationship really are of value, you first need to pay attention to what is perceived as reality. Human perception often tend to distort the convenient objectivity of reality.

Live with joy! Anton Black.

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Anton Yurievich
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