World mental health Day


Yesterday, the world mental health Day.

the Theme of this memorable date this year - "Young people and mental health in a changing world".
Adolescence is a time of change. It is time when there is a lot of changes in the human body, rebuilding his relationship with his parents, friends, loved ones. For many, adolescence is very difficult.It may be accompanied by feelings of loneliness and abandonment, a feeling of impasse, confusion and "misunderstood". Periods of grandiosity, of omnipotence and omnipotence give way to futility and weakness. The instability of the emotional state depletes. Closure gives way to openness and emotional exhibitionism. Parents lose their authority: conflicts arise, put ultimatums, threats of. Between "fathers and children" is division and struggle in which all are heard. It always has been (adjusted for the historical context). Today, however, as if the world itself has become adolescent.
Not those same feelings accompany of an adult, already passed through adolescence crisis? Not if he felt abandoned, alone and not understanding how to continue to build a life? If he is in a situation of absurdity, where every day from the different parties sound new truth? And it seems that in this world of authority and points of support in the form of religion, state, family. Don't become old and wise men, of stability and certainty. This is the negative pole of time in which we exist.
It leads to some typical spiritual difficulties and mental illness: dissociation, narcissistic personality disorder, depression, lack of meaning of life and of professional identity, addiction, suicidal behaviour. They require careful consideration and timely assistance as Teens and adult.
However, there is a flip side to the era. This technological progress, opportunism, ambition, opportunity for new solutions, new professions, the availability of information and speed of transmission. Today, few people agree within 40 years work in one place. Modern man needs multiple identities that he can live. Life becomes more diverse and faster. the
Remains to remember that any extreme is more damaging than the benefits. Find the balance and middle positions are probably the most difficult task to date. The disclosure of their bright sides (talents) will enrich the life of only in case of recognition of the negative qualities of the person.

Hutsol Nikita
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