Yoga and psychotherapy


Why do people do yoga? Interaction with people allows us to draw some conclusions. Mainly in order to:
- to improve health;
- reduce the weight;
- become more muscular and attractive;
- impress your friends with what you can do the splits;
- switch from the cares, to cope with stress.

of Course, sessions of Hatha yoga. I as a yoga instructor can even say that from the practice of Hatha yoga is getting more and more effects:

- improve concentration of mind;
- increase overall effectiveness;
- increase the energy of the tone.

note the question – can you help Hatha yoga in mental health issues? And let all put the question more radically and provocative – whether Hatha yoga to replace psychotherapy?

Want to tell their personal experiences and to share their experiences. The fact that I'm just having counseling and also teach yoga. I feel that sessions of Hatha yoga to help make the psyche is much more pliable and ready to change. This was confirmed by energy therapist in her friend, who is engaged in practice for about 20 years. By the way, in the future, we can explore the question of similarity of methods of Hatha yoga and body-oriented therapy and how they can complement each other. But now not about it.

In my opinion, still not worth it to cheat yourself. It's one thing to prepare yourself for changes, and another thing is the change to produce. Internal change – the process is quite subtle and may occur under the influence of a number of reasons. The main one is motivation, that is, when the person is not only willing to change, but and very it wants.

the Second point is how and under what influence of factors can occur internal changes? It may be rethinking past experience, acting out emotions, new skills and new experiences, changes in the energy, resolve internal conflicts, restore dialogue with the unconscious, the search for resources. And influence of a therapist who accompanies you during these changes, also it is difficult to overestimate.

And most importantly – if you are attending classes on Hatha-yoga, for what purpose do you visit them? If you come to yoga in a regular Studio, the instructor – you get what you came for, namely, good posture, improving the energy of tone, a healthy back. But not psychotherapy! Yes, I was talking with the Masters who teach classes on Hatha yoga and their presence changes your life dramatically, you know, that after that day can't be like before. But, excuse me, Masters of such magnitude the whole world on the fingers.

a therapist – it as a tool to help you in the solution of psychological problems. Regular practice of Hatha yoga helps you to be more flexible, not only at the level of the physical body, but also on a psychological level. Yoga helps cope with stress, respond to stress. There are directions in yoga that work directly with the psyche, but they are more intended to help you develop on the Spiritual path.

So my conclusion is of course trivial, and you probably already understand what I'm saying: "Let us for each task use a suitable tool". Ask yourself – why would I need counseling or psychotherapy. Or – why do I need yoga, meditation, etc. And again I want to note that to combine yoga and psychotherapy in my opinion can be, and for certain types of people and situations it can be very productive.

Sergei Davidenko
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