Yogurt and choice of profession


running a diagnostic on the professional choices in WorldSkills, the skills competition.
Remembered as one girl said to me, "How can I at 16 years old to choose a life's work, if I have yogurt it's hard to choose?!"

And that's a good metaphor! The choice of profession as the choice of yogurt, is largely dependent on contact: feeling and knowing oneself. And acceptance.

Attention to yourself, your interests and preferences, feeling their values and desires is one side. With the consideration of reality, the ability to objectively assess resources and opportunities. And further - to agree on it.

tested EN masse in the first place people choose "financial Management", and I understand them. The money they are the money. And of course, they in themselves do not make happy, but has really helped.

I invited the participants diagnosis a little dream and to choose freely based on what you like. As if they were nothing not limited.

And it showed a rich diversity: artists, journalists, designers, educators, doctors, ornithologists, composers and many who do.

By the way, remember the quote: "Find something you love to do, and you will not have to work a day in your life" - said the philosopher. And agree.

Locate and define the optimal conditions that will help you to be happy and successful. Indeed, there is, for example, singers successful and not successful. Economists, programmers, doctors and violinists are different. Successful both financial and personal. It is not always connected, but one reinforces the other.

the Main terms for successful selection:

1. Awareness - understanding yourself, your interests, abilities, motives, and given the reality that achieving the goals

2. Activity efforts to achieve the goals, their feasibility and consistency. I love stories about millionaires that do not fall into despair, even in a situation of total collapse. Found the strength to stay true to yourself and move on. About Ford, for example. This perfectly motivates and inspires!

And the inspiration, by the way, is a sign that you are on the right track.

Julia Izofatova

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