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Sometimes, to describe how our brain works, using the metaphor of the computer.

the Brain is not a computer, but the computer can serve as a model of our brain, and in this article we will consider the life of a person on the basis of this model.

Initially we are born as hardware with low innate programs – instincts given us by nature. Then, with the development of society is beginning to invest in individual software.

According to Robert Wilson (as well as Freud, Erikson, Jung) that people have developed effective, it needs to be developed 4 main psychomotor. Their development occurs in childhood, in the sensitive periods of a child's life. If in these periods of life development of the contours did not happen, then in subsequent years they remain underdeveloped, what makes a person a psychological invalid (Mowgli children).

the Development of these circuits in humans depends on the parents or other immediate environment.

these contury:

  1. oralny,
  2. analny,
  3. semanticheskii,
  4. psychosexually.

Oral contour biovigilance, the person is usually attached to the mother. From birth and before the baby starts to walk, the child is laid in the program "attitude to the world." Of course, an important role is played by the mother and her physical and mental state during this period of a child's life.

This circuit is genetically programmed to seek security next to the parent body. The structure is located in the brain stem and is associated with the endocrine system and other vital organs, the violations in this loop affect the whole body. If anyone is familiar with panic attacks, it is a breach in oral path. Disorders are manifested by dizziness, heaviness in the chest and shortness of breath, sweating palms and heart palpitations.

In the period from birth until about the year the person implantiruete (fits into neurons), or the courage, confidence, curiosity, extravertebral and interest in everything new - or shyness, introversion and infotopia.

In the work of the therapist, often there are cases when people are asked to remove their desire for universal approval. It is a challenging job, because the cause lies very deep and unconscious level disapproval means the extinction due to the loss of resources (food).

If a person has original imprint in this circuit is negative – the world is dangerous and people are unfriendly, the man the rest of his life looking at the world of injustice, to confirm their view of the world. This "collectors of injustice", feminists and radical men. Disturbances in oral contour is fraught with serious illnesses, as people "stifle" their internal organs, because they are afraid. In order to fix something in this loop, you need a person to return to the infant state, in psychology it is called regression.

the Second line or the anal emotional-territorial. It presumably is located in the thalamus and is associated with the muscles. He begins to form when the person begins to master the walk. As you know, muscle memory is the strongest. I'm 30 years sat behind the wheel of a Bicycle, and 43 and rode the muscles have forgotten nothing.

depending on what is happening in this period of a child's development, he will choose either a dominant role in the family or the weak and subordinate. A person's status is determined at the preverbal stage in which muscle reflexes play an important role. In this period of life are laid standard life tactics or what Eric Berne called games. When people are fighting for their territory or in conflict with each other, it is quite common to hear curses associated with this circuit: "shit" "go to the GTC*", "*men I wanted" etc.

"Authoritarian" reflex manifests itself in the swelling of the muscles, "hands on hips" growl.

"Subordinating" reflex – otpolzanie, the clenching of muscles, the lowering and retraction of the head shoulders. This circuit is of particular importance is the child's father or alpha male of the family (one of family).

In principle, if a person remains on these two contours, it is not much different from other mammals. The differences start in the third semantic circuit.

In the third, semantic circuit, we adopt the symbols are letters, words, maps, charts, paintings, music. When a person is well developed the circuit, it's usually about people saying he's smart or that he's "good with words". If he is underdeveloped, the person will find it difficult to Express their thoughts through words. Example - Wladimir Klitschko with a good development of the first two circuits, but the weak development of the third.

Fourth circuit defines psychosexual development his attitude to sex, selection of sexual partners and the relationship between the sexes. And at this point is formed what would be his sex life (permissions, taboos, prohibitions). In this circuit laid all of perisai and aberrant sexual behavior (voyeurism, exhibitionism, fetishism, etc.). Here for many bisexuals happens a fork in the path that goes libido. Either it will be attracted to the opposite sex, or his. Or will it be shame or aversion to sex, or a relaxed attitude.

the Healthy development of these circuits makes a person brave, confident, interested in everything new, dominant in relationships, smart and speak my mind and with a healthy psychosexual orientation.

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