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"to Be great is to be yourself"

If you do not realize its greatness, you in one degree or another will be in a depression.

What will you do with her from this depression? To distract attention with the help of attempts to reach pseudocele? Or shopping, alcohol, gambling, eating, or ...?

I Hear the objection - so you can get to megalomania!

why is it - delusions of grandeur. You just have to Be Great. Just Be. Humble and Great. What is your greatness? What's your offence ?

will be Able to move on frames and stereotypes that are ingrained in society among us all and which are to be fed due to his excessive subservience to the interests of others, the "powers that be" and their Yes-men?

to Be great is to be bold.

to Be great means to be strong.

to Be great is to be alone.

to Be great is to be simple.

Not to fear even death. Go ahead.

I Hear the voice is not for me.

-And what you stand to lose? Depression? A glass of beer? A piece of meat?

to Be great, but if everything around you is about you trying to wipe their feet, to humiliate and insult?

what do you know about yourself? Who are you? Why are you here? Who are you for peace? What's your earth mission? What gave you the Lord God, the father, the mother from birth – what talents and abilities and that you managed to show and develop in order to fulfill our life's mission?

Moving into your Greatness remember that the true greatness of a man is how he treats ordinary people. Dale Carnegie proved it in his unforgettable bestseller - how can the President of America to treat the maid.

Be great, but don't forget about the people around me. Remember - they, too, are potentially predisposed to be great.

People not interested in the world

People are not interested in the world.
Their fate — as the history of the planets.
each all special, their,
and there are no planets similar to it.

But if someone quietly lived
and this invisibility was friends,
it was interesting among the people.
the most uninteresting of their own.

everyone has their personal secret world.
There is in this world the best moment.
There is in this world the most terrible hour,
but this is all unknown to us.

And if a man dies,
dies with him his first snow,
and the first kiss, and first fight...
All of this takes it with him.

Yes, there are books and bridges,
machinery and artists canvases,
Yes, a lot to remain come,
but something still goes!

this Is the law ruthless game.
Not people die but worlds.
People we remember, sinful and earthly.
what we knew, basically, about them?

What we know about the brothers, about my friends,
that know about his only?
And about the father of his
and we, knowing all, know nothing.

people Go... They do not return.
Their secret worlds will not be reborn.
And every time I want to go back
from this transience to shout.

Yevgeny Yevtushenko

How to become great? It's simple.

be great!

Require a porter, with Dr.

someone sew me a coat,
all you have to do a great
this no matter what!
Nothing should be mediocre -
from buildings and to the galoshes.
Mediocrity unnatural
how unnatural is a lie.
tell yourself
his glory to get.
it's a Shame not to be great.
Each they should be!

Yevgeny Yevtushenko I remember about perfectionism, and I have not forgotten about him.I remember that a master what I was doing, and loved.Rather liked at first what I was doing and what he was doing,piles of ore removing,grain.Most loved first your daily work,did removing fatigue, sometimes forgetting to eat,in time to lie down and sleep.But because they are masterpieces they are not fall from the sky naturalness and beauty!the Greatness and kindness!They don't know mediocrity is
from buildings and to the galoshes.
Mediocrity unnatural
how unnatural is a lie.

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