I Want to talk about their practical sessions,which take place on a very deep level.

I have noticed that my meditation will allow you to go deeper and farther than usual. I also know for sure that in most cases,simple release from the children's, birth injury,little.EACH OF YOU HAS WITHIN SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT GRAB AND DOES NOT GET IT.This pressure,holding back,not let me,it's all the same with you.And it all depends on your sensitivity.If protection are many-to feel the discomfort is difficult,but the impact on your life is something to provide.

How it is expressed.Your behavior is hard to explain,you have habits and Hobbies that definitely did not come from childhood and not from your parents and authorities.Illness,fears, beliefs, inner cold(he MB. from previously experienced trauma that pills do not cure).

I'm writing about the experience of past lives.We are now in itself,that's why I say,the distinction between past, present and future is very shaky.And we need people for a more simplified understanding of how it works.For explanation.

I look deeper,I learn,I wonder.The limits we set ourselves.Or rather allow our fear to do it for us.

There are people willing to break those limits, and I'm happy to stretch out their hands,I own this,and we go deeper into the mystery.Where the light,serene and secure is not living secrets.These deep,where dark and scary.But it's a start.We study the darkness,share with her light.And to stop us anymore.We will never put up with routine,with the pain inside,we yearn for development and movement.

This story is about a girl who has regained feeling in his legs,but for that she first regained his feet.

It's not fun and just out of curiosity to go and see there and who I, in my trainings and individual consultations will not work.

the Intention to change something in yourself, to know yourself, to return home to get rid of old and not understandable anxieties and pain (unexplained)- this is what will lead you to this release.

I Remember this incident as if it happened recently.
And it was at the very beginning of my practice of psychologist - energy therapist in her.
I was approached by a girl, young beautiful. We have already worked multiple sessions. And what was bothering her now is her legs. Namely, the sensitivity in them.
This is how she describes their condition.
I remember my then-troubled feeling feet. They didn't listen, I felt not solid, and cotton. I remember in gym class couldn't get to run. Ran the last effort and barely dragged. This feeling of frustration and helplessness, and then anger at yourself and frustration themselves. And the teacher confirmed to you that you're worthless.
In adult life annoyed when you are late somewhere, and the body runs, and his legs like lead bloodshot, don't move, slow, then became painful. I think, what with feet? The cold did not feel cold. His feet could amorosity and understand it only at home. Was still sore that rot inside, leaving scars. I remember coming on to you was very late, and my feet did not go, and I simply willpower forced to move, the calf was the lead, and the weights were pulled back. Very sore calf – the lower part from the knees.
But it was. And now. But first things first.

When I start working with a client, I always have a clear feel for the way in which should go and which strings should start to pull.
My desire to explore past lives has always been great. And here in today's request was something of today, and blew a trailer, from which the locomotive wants to get rid of.
And we went. It was necessary to make the transition and here we are at the bridge.
Further describes.
I went for grey-blue bridge over the river with fog. There, on the shore, began to look in a grey fog, he began to part and I saw the unkempt, gray hair sticking out in different directions, dissatisfied with the life of man. He was thin, stood papersis on Castile, instead of feet - stumps of wood. Stood and smoked goby cigarette, lips drooping down, angry face, resentment and frustration are all to blame for how he is suffering. He seems to be something unhappy and condemning talked to everyone in the trail.
I asked :
-Ask him why? What happened to him?
I ask.
And then the picture changed. I saw a ruddy, white-faced, with bright lips, young guy. He was in the new tunic. In General, holandy and neat military guy. Cheerful, toothy, cheerful mischievous eyes, short, slender, with brown hair, playful, pleased with himself and life.
He was the driver of the car with no top. Machine protective color. Don't know the brand. Drove very well. Then I saw that the train on the move down the front of the car (remember M startled by this, so have cropped the image). I don't remember why it happened (the accident). The guy before this incident, loved to walk with women, it is easy. Not even very anxious to get married to so and so all his love was given. A guy once cut off his legs, hung, went out. He ceased all relations with men and women.

And then began the recovery process. it was Necessary to prevent accident, do not allow it to happen. And the old man started the process of recovery of the legs. It was very slow (even when you're immersed, the time flows quite differently).
M. imagined his bones strong, come upon them in blood vessels, new muscle and skin. New legs all felt was alive, the blood is well circulated, strong and obedient.
After that M., in his way, went across the bridge back into our reality on his healthy and whole legs.
the Clue to her condition were revealed in unexpected ways. br>Now:
I can feel my legs. Can run and a long walk in heels. Hurting from heels foot, and before the feet did not feel. The decay is gone, scars gone, three dots, almost invisible, foot white net.
Our body is a repository of universal memory. It all that had happened to us, if to take for a basis that the past, future and present exist. And when they exist. Isn't this the last event we now carry.
Thanks to M. for the opportunity to share your experiences and your accomplishments!

And this is excerpts from the book Denise Linn "Past lives,present dreams"

Maria Shevchuk
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