Every parent wants to see their child happy, successful, confident. Every parent wants an open, trusting relationship with your child, and is offended or surprised when this happens. br>
From birth, every child trusts their parents. They are the main people in the world. And if later, growing up, he pulls away, closes, starts to lie, trying to hide your problems or just about them not telling, the person responsible for it is only the parents. And once they are able to fix it. Not one teacher or psychologist will make that will the parent.

without noticing, we are destroying the child's trust. Everyday phrases that so easily slipped from his lips, is not justified by prohibitions, orders, derision, the divergence of words and actions, indifference.
We dismiss the child, appreciate his problems, oblivious to the fact that in childhood and adolescence, and any little thing can seem a global disaster. And that to us nothing, for it may be significant, important. br>
As to share experiences, if, instead of support and understanding get the moralizing, condemnation and ridicule?
"the Teacher scolded at all class? And now, to school not to go! Also I found the problem."
"why You stabbed a classmate! Don't you know that fighting is bad? Fight only the poor, foolish boys."
"Crying. the. Whine and whine all the time. I, too, man."
"not even about boys to think! About studying at this age to think!"

What to do, how to react:?
to listen to children, understand the problem, investigate the cause. Try to understand, to Express sympathy and support, willingness to help. Together to find a solution to the problem. To understand that all told You the baby is important to him. Anything that causes it to experience much.
If the child knows that there are people who will support it, there's a place where he is accepted and loved, where valuable and important his feelings, where you can be yourself without guilt, shame and fear, the potential is huge. Such a child will grow healthy, free person, to control and to manipulate which will be much harder. He will not have to defend its importance to prove its value, which greatly reduces the likelihood of bad company, defiant behavior, drug use and alcohol.
Become child person safely. With which comfortable to laugh and cry, discuss secrets and plans.

Ksenia Dvoeglazova
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