A difference of perception as a cause of frustration and resentment


Often people are offended, angry, or distant as the other perceives an event not as it or as he'd like. Today I want to focus on the topic of the difference of perception.

In the consciousness of every man is a mirror that reflects this world and this is reflected at different angles by one and the same person and different people with different personalities. Our condition (sadness, love, anxiety, delight, fear, irritation) every time creates a new reflection of reality. A typical example of the sadness in the world seems black and white, and joy, painted with colored inks. Remember, for example, burnt burgers, you will have different feelings, depending on your condition. Or peacefully sleeping on the threshold of the cat (i.e., the same event today and yesterday) can now piss off, "you stay out of the way!" Or cause tenderness and affection for another day, if we are in a good mood.

there is Little that the perception of the world influences our own state, everything else, other people see the same event differently. Rarely do two people see the world the same way. But we sometimes get offended if the other expresses his vision, perceiving his opinion as a criticism. We do not take into account these features of perception, as well as protective mechanisms, such as denial, displacement and projection that drastically distort reality.

Often lovers, friends or Pets communicate in the hope that another will see the world through his eyes. Yes, it's very nice when people like the same film, takes the soul of one and the same scene from the book. Experiencing similar feelings, they are United among themselves: "We're the same blood!". It unites and inspires. And if not? Be tolerant, be understanding.

I'll Try to explain the technology. Information rays (incentives) did not immediately fall into the "mirror" of consciousness, they go through some internal prism and refract it through their own beliefs; introject beliefs of the parent family (e.g., mom said, "All men want one thing!"; his character, his past personal experience. And only then create the "mirror" of our consciousness the image of the world. Therefore, this image will always be different from the original, i.e., always in one degree or another to distort reality.

there Are four friends, they fit dirty bum. Every different will react to his approach, breaking the situation by a factor of the current state, past experiences, personality characteristics ( such as projection) and formed beliefs. The first will rejoice, the second is frightened, a third will feel pity, and the fourth will be angry. Therefore, each will have their own image of reality. First thought: "What funny people!" The second scared, distorting the picture with their "cockroaches", for example: "He may infect me". Third remember the mother's uncle is an alcoholic and filled with pity.

we are All different: different people and we are too different, and the event one this is Especially noticeable in any Assembly, be it of TSZH ZHSK or regular PTA meeting at the school. Take it as a given and then maybe your delusion that the other person perceives an event, just as you will change, and less resentments and misunderstandings, why he said that or reacted. I wish you peace in your home and in your inner psychic reality!

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