A dislike to her error and how to fix them (Part I)


Now a lot of topics about self-Love: how to love yourself, you need to do and so on. I want to talk about Dislike themselves: what are the mistakes and what we can fix.

We all know and understand that it would be good to love, to treat yourself with respect, take care of their spiritual and physical well-being.

I'd like to go in reverse. Knowing what, we make mistakes, to know about them, and then consciously meeting them, we have the opportunity not to commit them.

Error 1: self-Criticism

We often or almost always heard criticism from parents, caregivers, and teachers. He praised us a little. Over time, we get used to it and it becomes our inner critic. Perhaps parents are praised, and they just don't know how to do it, but to criticize is easy.

In norm criticism helps us become better, but we are often much to criticize, educate, teach through criticism. This form of behaviour is fixed, we have, as a way to stimulate itself to development. And now, instead of the self praise, admire and be proud of, we criticize. We find that in some ways we are bad, incompetent. And this is the strongest our mistake when we treat ourselves with dislike. Always criticize, criticize and depreciate.

How to fix: to begin to treat of his deeds, achievements with respect. To focus on the good things you have. Praise yourself for the fact that something happened. It's not perfect yet, but there are changes and results that make you better, help you move on, evolve, and achieve or improve the situation. Praise yourself even for small steps that you get.

In our eternal self, we must recognize the difficult thing is to accept and forgive myself for my imperfection!

we can't be perfect as much as we wanted -perfect for their parents in their expectations, perceptions, how can we live happily ever after. We can't even be perfect for their partners. We are just people and can make mistakes. Correcting them, we do very much. We can't be perfect for their children - "perfect parents". When we were kids, our parents also made mistakes and were imperfect.

We turned what we areUNIQUE! And when they meet with their ideality, the pressure of all the people around us, we can fix some mistakes. Can fix and change the feeling of guilt that is experienced in some situations. And when you can fix and change is the most important moment in the relationship. When we can say, "sorry, I was wrong, or I'm sorry, I didn't, etc.". In these moments we become alive, real, and honest.

Error 2: Take on more than we can.

Forgetting about themselves, their needs, opportunities, time, and sometimes the body, we are doing something for others: parents, children, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Wishing, therefore, to be good, to praise. We sacrifice in relationships with others show how we are great and good. But here is an important point. The more You take, the less You can do and perform.

Here is a direct way to forget about your needs and experience constant negativity towards others - "I have so much to do, and You do not appreciate, or appreciate enough."

How to fix: you need to learn to delegate and share the responsibility with your loved ones and the environment. Stop giving those promises that can not fulfill, because it will be for You a heavy load. It would be good to learn two things: as slowly as possible to say YES and how to say NO.

You learn to take care of yourself: keep your boundaries, its value and importance. To realize that you are ready to do and what is NOT.

We are not perfect - learn to count their workload, learn to interact with other people.

Believe me, the less you will not love, and will be treated with respect, appreciate you and your time.

  • Take and do those duties, the works that we will be able to get done!
  • Cease to be indispensable and feel that without us "crash land"!

Error 3: Complain.

Always complain about life, loved ones, other life events and situations. Complaining because at this moment we need support and help.

How to fix: to notice when you start to complain, and learning to ask for support and help in those moments when we need it. Ask it from those people that we can do something to help. Look for opportunities to solve problems with other people. Better emerging energy "to complain" guide on how to solve the issue or problem. Reorient yourself, ask for specific help and support that they were not empty complaints, but was outside help.

to be Continued...

I Wish you success! Appreciate and love yourself!

Ufimtseva Svetlana
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