Many long-time subscribers to my page, read my articles, but some live information about me on the website no. It's time to tell something else about me to get to know you and to have an idea about me.

1 In school, I dreamed of becoming a doctor. Went to the courses of preparation for admission to a medical Institute, taught chemistry and biology. But before entering, I suddenly realized that neither chemistry nor biology do not like. How will I learn if I have to pay attention any more a couple of years?
So, I changed my mind. And went to go for psychology. With the same motivation - to help people. Why not? Everything turned out very successfully!

2 Entered the school, I thought a couple of years to choose qualified clinical psychologist. Due to the proximity to medicine to find a decent balance to help be it in medicine)
But fortunately or unfortunately, clinical specialization, in the end, not particularly attracted. My interest was attracted to children. Therefore, the field of study was chosen - the psychology of development. br>
3 after Graduating from a bachelor's in this area, I went to study at the master's degree in the same specialization. And in parallel to work. Where do you think? To the hospital! Once it so happened that I was in medicine. I remember those years as very cute) only had to work not only with children! br>
4 My profile child psychologist immediately switched to the parents. Because, as in child psychology always the case: where there is a child have to be a parent. And part of the psychological work is done with him. This work interested me, and I'm still active in this balance. br>
5 In the master I wrote a thesis on the topic of parenting and the influence of the characteristics of the individual moms in your child's personality. Who would have thought that in the period of this decree, this area will develop in full force the decree into a powerful independent practical work. br>
6 Most of the time to the decree, and at the moment, including, I began to work in a creative and interesting environment, one of the centers of the city where I practice. My burning desire to be able to carry out psychological correction of children with the use of quality material -sand therapy - realized with full! New approaches, new techniques, lots of learning and making friends! br>
7 Almost 3 years ago I became a mother myself of a wonderful Elizabeth. The world turned upside down, life will sparkle with new colors) is the Daughter of a lot inspires me, expands my views about my capabilities.

8 At the intersection of motherhood and their own professional knowledge I was born my project Happy family. First, I came to the idea to create a project for parents, gathering all the important materials and skills that I possess, and then separately for mothers. br>
9 Observing around me in real life, I knew that psychological help and support mothers need! And education, orientation in this complicated world of children and just accepting that this mother is this: the best for your child! These abstracts continue to be implemented and grow in 2 of my training - "Making mom happy" and "Confident mom". In the future, and developing webinars for moms, and new online training! br>
10 I at the moment very interesting to learn, I learn new approaches in psychotherapy and psychocorrection. Now going through advanced training in family therapy. Because it is my belief that parents and children are whole, and you need to work comprehensively, a fact which is confirmed in practice from time to time! Continue to develop, to look for new approaches and directions to be more effective! For me it is the most valuable!

Glad to share with you! If you would like something else about me to know, ask a question, make an appointment, write or call - +7-920-555-9-222. br>
Information about my education, various certificates you will find on the page. More articles can be found in my Facebook page Happy family.

With the new and not new about yourself, child and family psychologist Oksana Gracheva

Grachev (Vasiliev) Oksana Olegovna
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