A few words about anxiety


Anxiety is an emotion that occurs in an uncertain situation when it is assessed as adverse. Ie refers to that fear when a person is afraid of something specific, anxiety – when the source of danger is not defined or not recognized. Anxiety is so common emotional phenomenon that some researchers consider it our "watchman" and a certain level it is even considered the norm. A man devoid of feelings of anxiety, called careless. Looking ahead, I will say that, from my point of view, anxiety is not the emotion that should be present. She can poison even a joyful event. People with a constant feeling of anxiety has no chance at happiness. OK – the alarm is the early warning system of danger. Often it is based on our past experience, which is not reaching the threshold of consciousness triggers the emotion. In one documentary cited such a case. The house is on fire, some firemen went inside to see if there are people in need of assistance. Their head watching all of this suddenly felt anxiety. He gave the order to immediately leave the house entered to a firefighter. And they managed to execute it, as it sounded more powerful-senior explosion. If someone was in the house – he was bound to die. So why the chief put the people? Subsequently, when the RAS followed the fire, it turned out that the cause of the explosion was a rare occurrence sometimes associated with fires. This phenomenon has certain characteristics. The fire chief once witnessed this phenomenon, as he later remembered. He knew about these signs. However, at the moment when he gave the order to withdraw, in his mind there was only worry, but as not the current picture is of the signs of an approaching threat. It turns out that his unconscious has compared the signs, but they have not managed to penetrate the consciousness, has not reached its threshold reporting the threat – anxiety. This is normal operation of the alarm. Thus, the alarm is intended for guidance in uncertain situations predicted as dangerous in the conditions of uncertainty of the object, source of danger. What else you want to add? Anxiety is a way by which the beloved intuition signals the approaching event.

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