A few words about hypochondria


Perhaps you had to deal with people who are excessively concerned about their health. Or, moreover, believe that it is seriously something sick, although the medical examination is not confirmed... Such a persistent belief in the presence of one or more severe diseases is called hypochondria.

I Remember one day I was approached by a client who had several reddish lesions in the lower abdomen. He was convinced that this poorly differentiated cancer which cannot recognize the doctors. And is 36 years old and was in a deep depression from the awareness of approaching death. And a lot of these cases. People are afraid of a heart attack, stroke, tumors, viruses and insanity... the List of diseases is long.

What is it with these people? Why they ponder and think about the dangerous diseases that they have? Hypochondria is always a consequence of the fact that a person begins to dominate the pathological tension. Which results in a corresponding Intrusive "destructive fantasy" about your health (when a person is hungry, he thinks about food when the person is destructive – he thinks of the destruction. And nothing else). Whence is this destructive tension?

There is a very simple formula. If the person lives now, then death will be tomorrow - in a moment, year, decade. But, most importantly, that it will be sometime tomorrow. People knows it, but (!) not to worry. Remember how in latinascom aphorism – momento mori (remember death)? We are mindful of the finiteness of life and so I try to live now, without postponing it for tomorrow, which may or may not be.

If a person does not live now, then death is the same as in the first embodiment, will be tomorrow. But life is sometime tomorrow (if at all!). Here and there the dilemma causing the stress – if I have time at all to live? Suddenly death will come sooner? And of course there are alarming thoughts about all kinds of diseases. Because of the qualitative device of his life a man usually think and can not. If I had, I would never send my life into the unknown tomorrow. And I would live here and now. To understand this condition can help specialist. By itself, hypochondria is, of course, also takes place, but sometimes life manages to go faster...

Nikolay Strelkov

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