A few words about truth


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a Few words about the truth.

1. Truth is not available by definition. This is equivalent to saying that it does not exist. So everything that I present in my articles is not true and especially not true in this article. And since there is no truth, there is no lie, also by definition. They appear together and annihilated together. However, let's deal. Interesting question.

2. Truth as such is a product of the activity of the human mind. In the natural world there is no truth, since no one nature to give the truth, if there is no person. It is unlikely the cat or the crocodile want the truth, what they would eat in the wild world, yeah that itself is not eaten. 

3. If there is neither truth nor lie, but something as fact? Yes. And this judgment. The truth of a proposition is determined by the credibility of the source judgment. Euclid created geometry, and it was considered a truth. While Lobachevsky created his geometry, contrasting the axiom about parallel lines its axiom, in which they "overlap". And its geometry is just consistent as Euclidean geometry.

4. In fairness I must say that truth and falsehood exist. In a Boolean algebra. There is a true call unit, and false zero. 

5. Truth is the absence of contradictions on a given topic. You can check out. Go on a desert island, think there that there are unicorns, but they live far away. And it was the truth, because if there are no other people around, no one will oppose you antithesis that unicorns do not exist. You live in a beautiful world with unicorns! What is not true? The real truth, for instance just one. 

6. In society the truth is. The more authoritative source of judgment, the higher its validity. Truth is a kind of stick, in order to realize their interests. When truth meets our interests, we stand for the truth, and when on the contrary, it is not very much it is true. Remember the fairy tale twelve months? As there taught the Queen? Queen his authority was pressuring professors, grozev to cut his head off. But the Professor steadfastness of the correct was price even more than my own head.  a Good tale.

7. the truth is practice. If you believe in something unwavering and it helps you to live and it works for you - great. But if in something to believe in and time and time again to obtain the desired, it is reason to question your truth. A good example is the lottery. Some truly believe that you can win a million. Or some believe in politics, but quality of life is not improving. Isn't it better to take the truth that we are responsible for your life?

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