What we get in the inheritance from drinking ancestors? A gene for alcoholism? How does it work?

If a person has in his pedigree outright drunks, it is not necessarily going to crave alcohol since childhood as they are. This apparent craving for alcohol in humans will not. a Lot will depend on in which social environment a child grows - from the surrounding adults. Also the impact and a lack of regulations of hormones responsible for pleasure and happiness. Such a person will always be a little sad and apathetic, it will always be something not to miss for complete happiness. Such a child will always want affection, pens; grades in school will suffer from lack of concentration, and sleep will not always be good, will also be high level of anxiety and a lot more will be present in his behavior that would say that this child was born with a predisposition to alcoholism.

he May never fall into that company, where his last bottle is dangerous for the alcohol inside. But who are we kidding? He gets into such a company. And everything will change from the first SIP. Sensations such people will much nicer, brighter, more interesting, than those who are not prone to alcoholism from birth. Even if the first experience fails, in my head stored memory about how it was new, unusual - as necessary/finally it will be complete. Initially, genetically already formed a high tolerance to alcohol, and therefore ahead of quite a famous story. That is, after drinking even one drink, the man with such a heritage can immediately go to the initial stage of the disease.

Many people are proud to drink as much as you want and they have no gag reflex in the morning head does not hurt, despite the dozens of empty bottles, left in the evening. The fact is that the lack of gag reflex and the hangover in the morning is not a superpower and certainly not a sign of good health. This genetic tolerance and predisposition to alcoholism, in which the development of dependence - only a matter of time, culture and quality of alcohol consumed.

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