A gift from John Bowlby


John Bowlby –very clever that a formulated and presented to the world the theory of attachment. Today it is one of the main in depth psychology. I would call this psychological concept of a great gift, which is now a humanity. In of attachment theory created a place and space for survival and development of people. It creates the opportunity to continue us as a species, transmitting values, which we call chelovecheskimi:








the theory of attachment development code laid each of us on different levels: the genetic , physiological, emotional, and social. And this code was deciphered in the twentieth century John Bovie in 30-50 years, Mary Ainsworth in 60-70 years through numerous clinical practice and research. This code is for everybody and you put it through a story that happened to us in the first two years of our lives. In a period of 2 years, each of us gets the experience of early emotional ties with his mother ( or someone replacing her mother), his experience of meeting basic physiological needs ( sleep, food, hygiene) and safety needs, your experience motivation to study the world, their portion of love, care, tenderness, heat, response to ourselves.

And the whole story of the first two years of life can become a reliable support for the formation and development of

positive self-image,

emotional stability

the ability to promote their interests and take care of yourself,

ability to build long-term relationships with others

successful learning

research positions


the identity.

now Studying more closely the theory of attachment , its resources and potential by organizing their work with children and parents see the need to write a series of articles, notes on this topic. Confident in their practical importance and relevance .

In this first article I would like to Express their attitude to the gift of John Bowlby. It's like touching something very vital, requiring thoughtfulness, deliberateness and living. About something unseen which is soluble in a hurry, but when you sit down and exhale, it then shows the contours appear.

Senotova Svetlana
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