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we Have many different ministries, coordinating our lives. The Ministry of sport and tourism, the Ministry of education, Ministry of justice, Ministry of defense, economy, agriculture and so on and so forth...

Only one office can restore order and to help to consistently work for everyone else. The Ministry of internal Affairs.

This is such a Department, where there are domestic policy and it will shape foreign operations.

In this Department often reigns chaos and mess, why Ministers are contesting the powers of each other. Everyone wants more power snatch.

for Example, the Minister of the emotions absolutely sure that the heart the Minister must obey him. Because he thinks that emotions come from the heart.

And begins to confuse feelings with emotions, mislead the machinery of the brain. Unit of the brain relies on cold logic, but guided by the commands of the heart. The signal is distorted, the Minister of the brain is "stroke" and poor coordination. Incoherent speech, actions unconscious. Chaos in foreign policy and collapse.

At this moment begin to shout all the rest of the Department. The Ministry of economy said: "We are in crisis. Grants and external loans". The Ministry of health encourages prevention and lie down, flu is serious business. The Ministry of justice provides statistics of increasing divorce and division of property. The Ministry of labour registers a growth of unemployment. And .....all goes awry.

Emotions in the inner office again, "Cox" and quietly - pomalenechku comes the asshole of the world. The search is on Dostoevsky: who is guilty and what to do?

a: to understand who that actually is responsible to remove ultra rose-colored glasses. Emotions live in the reptilian brain and rely on instincts. Usually the most common - the instinct of security: or Bay, or run. There are very many, most are based on FEARS.

LOVE lives in the heart and it's just there. The heart knows how on the level of intuition. The barricades constructed by the rejection itself, dampen the sensitivity and began to pass the virus files.

Smile with your heart and have forgotten how real feelings attacked the epidemic of instinctive emotions. Which, by the way easy to learn to operate. And life began to fill with Fear, not Love.

Neocortex, a reasonable part of the brain and glad to be calmly and carefully lead into a harmonious state of any system, but is forced to follow the wave of emotions instincts of the reptilians. Especially after the announcement of the galactic Ministry, that we must live with the heart.

instructions and Orders of the heart are distorted radiograms fears and negative experiences, enmeshed in spontaneous thoughts. Confusion and vacillation in the ranks of the interior Ministry messed with the normal communication of the body.

Choosing actions out of fear - prostaivaya policy of the victim. Choosing actions of love - to build prosperity and growth.

rational Brain - the neocortex will always support any policy selected by the internal Department. What will You choose?

I wish you to choose integrity. That happens when you make friends with yourself and happy with life. When you approve of yourself and all the mistakes are perceived as the desired experience.

doesn't bother You then saying mom or replica of the husband/wife, you are able to enjoy the different show your child, because it is natural, and therefore everything is always GOOD. br>
Perhaps you once hid their amazing abilities from their parents and they become your shadow in the undeveloped quality. But it's a part of you. Without it, you're not holistic, and therefore a little happy. br>
You can always collect the parts themselves, no matter how many years you was not. This is your resource and wealth. You have the possibility to look in that direction right now and benefit yourself, do not postpone.

the Delay may simply be a part of your unconscious script, as fighting, as a control, as the fear of being open. They are often laid even before birth or during birth. br>
I know this is hard to change, because this just don't realize is that hidden. I Have pritable for you gift is the first lesson of the first module of the course on development of intuition.

Lesson includes:
Module 1. Emotions. Working with the subconscious.
1. Replacement scenario. The right to life. Love. Feeling. Perinatal matrices Grof. Activation of the high heart. Male/Female Energy.

You need to write in the message: "Want a gift" and you will link to the first lesson.

Bright mood!

Irina Mitrakhovich https://vk.com/id136227341

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