"the Gift vain, gift casual,
Life, why are you given me?the
or why destiny secret
You to death convicted?
Who me hostile power
Of nothingness cried,
my Soul is filled with passion,
Mind doubt excited about?..
no Goal before me:
the Heart is empty, idle mind
And torments me with anguish
Monotonous life noise." (A. S. Pushkin)

it is considered that it is human nature in that that did not aspire to life. This leads to the belief that "while the fried cock does not bite" and the person does not mobilize all its forces to exit the comfort zone in his life, nothing will change. If the person is not trying to fight for life, in society it is considered to be infantile. And he, like no one else understands, "nobody will give us deliverance, neither God, nor Tsar, nor hero" but to achieve it is not always possible, and failure over and over again weakens the will to live.

"the Truth remains uncertain, as death is the only certainty — not open to your truth" (Hillman).

there is something like a paralysis of the mental vitality of the body. Metaphorically this looks like a petrified child who is trying to hide, to go to the underworld. And for the life of man goes as in the poem of Marina Tsvetaeva "And shade this one, but I don't."And then, the man begins to strive for self-destruction, at least to feel. This happens unintentionally and often unconsciously, so it can be expressed in the extreme style of driving, profession, risk of life, psychosomatic diseases, one begins unwittingly to attract into your life the danger and destruction. Does not meet at living hope transformirovalsya in the desire of deliverance at any price, period experience the frustration has its end, waiting in vain. like a swamp. Man continues to live, fills life with sarcasm, but things go wrong, professional success and relationships are transient and for them to have to spend a lot of energy, which then restores very long, look often directed downwards, its shadow effectively becomes his own murderer. Disappointments, characteristic of immature personalities in this case, since initially it was not the charm of life, life is the longing for life and heightened perception of the world.

"Loneliness is caused not by the lack of people around, and inability to talk to people that you think are significant, or unacceptable your views on others." K. G.Yung

And what we feel is unacceptable , the Shadow manifests itself through emotions and feelings that we, or walled up in themselves, considering them to be inappropriate and impermissible, or faces that are rejected. Not accidentally ancient people had a lot of superstitions on account of the shade, for example if the other person step on your shadow, you can severely damage. Only the people can make that shadow back, thereby to regain himself. Take care of your "shadow" and live life to the fullest!

Yakovleva Oksana
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