🕎To me quite often clients with panic attacks. Come usually after going to doctors, without a specific diagnosis or with a diagnosis of vegetative-vascular dystonia, hypertensive crisis, etc. Even if they are assigned to a medical treatment - it does not bring results.

💥a Panic attack - it's always about the fear of death and a huge thirst for life.

💣a Panic attack is a painful attack of anxiety accompanied by autonomic disorders:
✔Heart palpitations
✔pre-existing conditions
✔shortness of Breath
✔Shake the limbs
✔chest Pain
✔Reduces limbs.

📍the Duration of attack from several minutes to several hours.

📍Customers with the attacks often find themselves and their disease is unique and intractable. Panic attacks like crazy, especially after examinations by doctors who claim that the body is healthy. And it seems that no one believes the client in his suffering, I advise you to only drink a sedative.
Meet the doctors who suggest to go to a psychologist - but this was rare.

▶the Mechanism of panic attacks is this:
a person has agitation, which tends to action and mobilizes the body, but for some reason the excitement is restrained, the action is not performed. Right leg in the future, the left in the past. In the present - PANIC.

the Excitation is forced to stay in the body. The body from the background becomes the figure, i.e., becomes very noticeable to humans: how breathing like beating heart... Changes in the functioning of the body and cause fear.

🤔Why not the action, step into the future? It is almost always from lack of SUPPORTS in the internal and external world of man.

Panic attacks mostly do not require medical treatment, drugs just dampen the body's response. But the problem remains inside. Psychotherapy gives good results.

About support, what are and how to find them, I will write the next part👋.

I Wish you health, joy and courage to live.

Vinogradova Olga
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