Sometimes face this in life and practice: girl has positioned itself as an independent unit, completely Autonomous, respectively, and financially and morally. And promotes the idea that it need a partnership with all the ensuing consequences, which include: a material contribution to potential family, taking responsibility for their part of "contribution" in the relationship and further their own development , allowing to Express themselves and have their own business. 

the Modern world is changing, and views about the institution of marriage. Why not, when the partnership announced the terms it is currently possible. So I think some men that a girl attracted to personality and as a representative of this strategy. 

But not always, upon closer examination, the reality coincides with the positioning. It often turns out that earnings for many years reduced to a minimum, and personal development is not, and in General, a rosy picture, which from afar shimmers with all the colors, near is the opposite: the aristocrat in the carriage when approaching it is sitting on a pumpkin, instead of the wonderful horses, rats, and the area where it is located, the Palace does not like.  

it Often happens that a man, near listready all this ugly beauty is perplexed and feels cheated. Like promised one - but the result is opposite to the expected: the desire to ensure that the man paid for the physical needs of ladies and often a complete lack of any development in any area, in addition to spending money. I'm not here mean that all girls should be independent and financially secure. I want to say that this presentation of myself in this way harms predyavitelya. Because it is impersonating another person, it not being. And, often, unconscious. In principle, some men doing the same thing. But my opinion is that for the female half of such strategy and tactics is much more harmful. Because having the psychology of a kept woman, and showing the opposite type of behavior, it is impossible to attract the man who will be able to meet the needs of such women. And the man who "answers" on this picture of an independent woman, soon comes first in bewilderment, and then gets angry. 

And what is interesting - the woman sincerely believes that its presentation of reality. The examples that I know of, regularly earn does not meet their expenses amount, but don't want to get a well paying salaried job. The same applies to personal development: ladies are not in a hurry to read books and actually evolve in the direction of awareness, would rather prefer to talk about this using surrogates, pocherpnete on the Internet. And never want to admit first that the only thing they need is to get married (which is fine, really) and create a peaceful family haven, where the support material and the earner is the husband, not both. And the whole idea there is nothing wrong with that. This is a normal female need. There is nothing wrong, however, in that case, if one does not supersede other. 

In fact, not recognizing the substitution, the ladies spend their precious time on creating a viable relationship, which, if you look facts in the face, they don't look very nice. And, moreover, men, sooner or later, realize that they play a different role, much different from that which they were attracted in the beginning, and often go out of the relationship. And the girls have to start all over again. So is it worth it? 

 Maybe if we ask the question: "how I imagine ideal relationship: what they doing I he does; who earns how much; how is our day?" and honestly answer it, adding the actual experience of past relationships, some can say to yourself: "I'm doing something wrong"? and stop wasting everyone's time on illusions?

 Because the only thing irreplaceable is lost  the time over which it is increasingly difficult to admit to myself that an important part of life is lived not as they could be. 

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