Hello, my little girl. Writing to you from far away. You know, I remember you were very shy and quiet. Then you grow up, you'll have a lot to think about. You will help your habits to be in silence and think. I know you wish your family was like everyone else, without any problems. No, not true. It would be, and trouble and Woe and sorrow, and joy, and laughter, and tears. Will be everything and it will be like at all.

I Still remember that you wanted to be loved. You know you love, just Express it in different ways. Of course, it may not be that way if you want, but love you. I love you. And I will do everything to make you happy. You don't know how to ask, but you grow up and you learn. You root because you don't know how to ask, about the simplest things, but you'll learn.

you will be born a daughter is the best and most fun in the world girl. You're going to look at it and at times do not understand how you can enjoy so much – can learn is very fun. Look now around you love the change of seasons when you're grown up, nothing will change, except for one thing, you don't like being cold. Yes, you won't be the most fun and easy, but not necessary – you work, you it will be fun.

Most importantly, you won't be easy. I'm talking about emotion – it stays with you forever. Manifestation of emotions is a very difficult task. Well, it does not matter, a kind of restraint will sometimes help. You just learn to understand how you feel in certain moments of life. It is also good. All will come to pass. You're a hard worker, diligent, purposeful.

You want to draw and sculpt. This is very good work you have now. While not much will come true, your profession will become only partly. But realizing the potential will be. You have a lot of paints and pencils, it will all be special art supplies. It's my gift.

You love to read. Trust me, you'll read a lot. A passion for books will remain forever.

you Know, everything will be as you wanted. All will gradually come true. Away the despair and melancholy. You're done! At one point you realize that happy. It's instant as it not reaching in time, then you'll know why, but you're happy. Your whole life is a struggle and overcoming, you're active and independent. YOU can learn how to be happy in the peace and quiet.

good Luck, my treasure, you are a valuable person, remember that!


Of training "Way to yourself"

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