In everyone's life, sooner or later, comes the "pause" mode, when we stop to realize what happened in it changes. After this there are only two options: to continue or to change something, to improve, to correct.

"I remember, when after a long time, you notice me and froze. Froze with horror... Speechless, you took me from all sides and could not believe looking at myself in the mirror and I was your body that was a little more than you thought. At this point, you don't even understand HOW you like this happens... I remember everything.

This and your feelings about an important project, which was carried for a prospects; and the promotion that followed him, which brought a huge responsibility and a new cause for concern; and red tape that causes in you a storm of negative emotions. You dealt with it as best they could - eating, stress, anger, irritation Pirozhenko, morojenoe, chocolates... And a while you felt better, calmer or something. And you so wanted that peace of mind! It now you and I both know that your way of dealing with negative emotions is called emotiogenic eating behavior, and then you just went to the fridge for another cake and surprised his appetite.

field Notes: emotiogenic eating behavior stimulus for eating is not hunger (physical hunger) and emotional discomfort (psychological hunger, appetite), that is, man is hungry not because he is hungry, but because he had negative emotions and they need to jam, as sometimes there is a need to reinforce positive emotions with food. This type of eating behavior is a kind of remedy against stress. In this case, the person feels the need to immediately quench the rapidly growing hunger specific products (most often it is easily digestible high-calorie foods rich in carbohydrates and fats) and the process of eating happens as if automatically, after which comes a sense of guilt or shame.

what is the secret of this type of behavior? The flow of food into the body is a powerful signal of well-being, which, in this case, artificially, our body switches from the mode of mobilization (danger, stress) to mode peace (rest digestion), reducing psychological distress, increasing feelings of pleasure.

there were periods when you look in the mirror consciously it was a once – scurry, hustle, circulation of different cases. But that time everything was somehow different, seeing myself in the mirror, you stopped and investigated the reflection, swallowing the hated tears. After a few minutes of surprise, which seemed for hours, went to the kitchen (for another cookie?). No ... you, decisively opened the refrigerator and sent to the trash the richest stocks of edible antidepressants.

that day began your journey to yourself – the real, updated. Your approach, I liked that. We do not sit on a rigid diet, and by limiting yourself in flour and sweet, made an appointment to a psychologist. Together with him you come a long way: self-knowledge, studied feeding behavior, doing homework... came Back to him.

I enjoyed watching your awareness of what is happening, remember how you were amazed by the learning process of understanding himself, he was surprised by the results of self-observation that you record in your food diary. Previously, because only I, your body, understand what are for you the "slop bucket," as your psychologist, acting out of stress, but I was aware of that binding, and now it has become to see you! And this was the beginning of our victory!

field Notes: to gain control over food habit is important to learn to understand their feelings and emotions, to "hear" themselves.

In the first stage of awareness, it is helpful to keep a food diary:

foodand ateWhat was the reason for the meal (physiological or psychological hunger)Emotional state before eating

In a previous article noted, some features of psychological hunger, knowing that you will be able to identify him.

it is Important to understand in what emotional state there is a desire to eat. This will help with the following issues:

  • now What's happening to me?
  • what does it state?
  • What are my feelings, emotions?

Analyzing the diary, answer the questions:

•What emotions cause you to have cravings of the "jam"?

• Why there is a discomfort from these emotions?

the Importance of analysis in understanding what motivates you and what to do next.

the Release came in correspondence with my food habit! At this point I felt that you from a passive position in relation to it moved to active, learn to negotiate and even remembered who got you hooked on the habit of eat – Olka that is all their own, and your failures bind itself and gorge you. "On a full stomach why worry?!" optimistic broadcasting it, send in your mouth next chocolate candy, pushing you a bowl with sweet. And who would have thought that after so many years, it all "POPs" and becomes your "salvation".

love to be your discovery: an alternative to jamming - anti-stress breathing, muscle relaxation and attention to me every morning. Yes, we did exercises! And do still, for that I am VERY GRATEFUL! First, it was 2 times a week, then 4, and now every morning. You know, I just melt with delight when you focus on each cell, performing the exercises as you learn to feel me, it's just incomparable moment of unity of body and soul is the HARMONY! And in your life you have added evening runs, three times a week, and more Hiking, so we spend less time on the computer under the TV in the company of a roller coaster biscuit!

field Notes: "Stuck emotion" is "little shoes", which it's time to remove, that is, to look around and discover new ways to respond to stress, which will meet today.

People make good decisions when they understand, what is the alternative. The task of finding alternatives to replace the habit of healthy, and it's time for a field "Body" to get rid of the status of "garbage" and choose environmentally friendly way of obtaining the desired emotions in all spheres of life and in the field "Body" in particular. You must understand that decent new, useful behavior strategies. Write your new rules for getting the right emotions through language: "I choose...". And enter anything you choose in life as an alternative to binding.

Important caveat: enter an alternative habit gradually, giving yourself the ability to get from her positive emotions, finding it more benefits than the binding.

Now, when this path is over, and you're happy to see me in the mirror, admiring the reflection in the Windows, walking around the city, catch the admiring glances of men and envious women, I want to shout to you: I'm PROUD of YOU!"

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Natalia Lisyanskaya —

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