This list was the famous psychologist Randy gage.

1. The law of emptiness. If you need new shoes, discard the old one. If you need new clothes, clean your wardrobe. You should willingly part with your stereotypes.

2. The law of circulation. Be prepared to let go of something you own to get something you want.

3. Law imagination. First, you should see prosperity in your imagination. Make a description of your ideal day and do not show it to anyone except someone you trust. Keep this description somewhere at hand, and in his spare time read it.

4. The law of creativity. A person can achieve prosperity through energy of his thinking, intuition and imagination.

5. The law of retribution and receiving. If you give something, it comes back ten fold. When you get good, it is very important to share it with others. If you have a gift and you don't use it, you insult your divine essence. So with due deference to treat their abilities, you should rejoice in the gifts and share them with others. If you do this, you attract even more blessings into your life.

6. The law of tithing. The universe always take their tithes. It's just the law of gratitude source of support - 10% of everything you have. You never know how your tithe will come back to you. Money - a common phenomenon. But it can also come in the form of reconciliation with someone new, friendly relations in the form of recovery, etc.

7. The law of forgiveness. If you cannot forgive people, you can't take your wealth. If your soul is filled with hate, love can not find a place. You need to get rid of negative feelings that devour you and give you peace of mind.

it is Not necessary to reinvent the wheel, everything is invented, and truth is known. So at least the review.Randy Gajaseni well, sformulirovat postulates. He who should not be 100% wanders in a circle in my life, and rapidly increasing emotional exhaustion and depression. However, to productively follow these here rules you should work on yourself. And who likes to work? Not all, but a genuinely happy, not all.

Randy gage out of nowhere formulated these laws. This practitioner had the experience of overcoming just what came. br>

the Author is a psychologist Natalia Belyaeva. Skype Nattanial, [email protected]

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