And immediately you destroy, there will not be described various schools. In this article, under the approach refers to the view on the therapy.

All the approaches in my understanding can be divided in the following categories:

  • First rely on the school to which they relate, apply techniques and skills exclusively from it.
  • the Second use a hodgepodge of techniques that suit a specific person.
  • Others rely on the creation of something new,the introduction of his invented techniques, the invention of what is not.
  • Fourth lean on my personality and on the basis of its lead therapy.
  • Fifth all mixed in certain proportions.

without a doubt, each of these options has its pros and cons, both for the therapist and for the client.

I would like to accent attention on the fourth podhode.When the therapist believes treatment,terapevticheskii part of the process of identity itself. This approach is not so much attention is paid, it is better to invent something more tangible than personality. And the more that is still poorly understood, how to measure personality as to be sure that she heals?

What is a person? If we consult the dictionary, we will see various definitions, of which there are many. I'm at the moment, I'll take the old definition of identity-as an established beam of perception, taken from the book of neurophilosophy. (Even Hume described).
This means that in this article,it is there, personality is understood as a defined beam of perception of some sensations, thoughts ,emotions are understood as ours and included in our perception, some not.

I refer to the old study on the effectiveness of psychotherapy, in which it was stated that no matter what the therapist and client engaged in therapy, it is important than the therapist does in between meetings with the client. For me this is an important discovery, which indicates if your therapist continues to evolve, continues to write articles or read some books, watch movies, meditate, go to personal therapy, thus , it develops as a person, and maybe more blagodarstvennoe to influence the identity of the client.
in Other words, the beam of his perception, his personality, constantly selects what it considers to be its appropriate for him, the same, thereby expanding the area. Hence, a more developed sense of empathy, a sense of acceptance, butoanele, understanding.

Develop, psychologists!

Ilya Rozov
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