A little about the day of knowledge and negative scenarios


I Congratulate all with Day of Knowledge! We also with children were yesterday the occasion!
have you ever Thought ever whether school knowledge or institutional knowledge? How often do you use them in everyday life? And, most importantly, they contribute to the achievement of success?
My opinion is that often success, of course, is not conducive to the excellent pupil when a person is afraid to make a mistake when growing up in the atmosphere is not absolute parent adoption, and adoption only if you are a Good boy or good girl brought five. This is bad, conditional acceptance. Of course, children who grow up in families where they are accepted without any conditions, much more confident, love yourself, have a basic trust in the world, and due to this they do to achieve success.
And knowledge, of course, right when you get pleasure from learning and when you get specific, practical knowledge you need in the moment. For example, I perceive marketing.

So if you have children, or you plan their appearance, now is the time to think about whether you don't repeat the mistakes of their parents in the upbringing of children. Whether the education of the children in the school to your total control or to a constant juxtaposition of their child to other children: "Look at Bob, he's a good boy! How to be happy his parents!"

What to do if you have unconsciously, on automatic, there is total control of your child and praise for good marks in school?

the Only correct way I know in this situation, to work out Your childhood traumas and approach to raising children consciously, all the time analysing their behaviour. Perhaps you have a childhood dominated by a negative scenario, "Raduy" or some other. The script also can be overcome if to study it slowly and change their behavior in similar situations, behave differently.

What is the scenario? A scenario is established since childhood, since the first appearance of the traumatic situation, the pattern of behavior in similar situations, which a person adheres to life.

for Example, at the age of one year old baby ran away from her grandmother in the garden. There was a well, my grandmother searched for the child and already thought that he had drowned in the well, and the child was eating berries from the Bush. Of course, when the grandmother found the child, and rejoiced and lamented, and cursed, and gave the child a whole heap of emotions and fears. What did the child: what to explore something is impossible, grandmother and adult upset is not that you need to only do so adults happy, and not what you like yourself. Subsequently, there was still some typical situations that happen in the life of every person, the same child in each of these situations again passed the idea that you need to please others. For example, to obtain good grades in order to please his mother and not because they like to learn, or a specific object.

And what will end up with the life of such a person? He will not go independent undertakings, he will not be able to see the possibilities for themselves, because all the time in the head will sit script that you must first do something to please others: boss, parents, husband, wife, etc.

the types of negative scenarios and their study I have a lecture in the Palace of culture of Zelenograd. So, if You live in Khimki, Zelenograd, Leningrad area, Moscow region, invite everyone 05.09.2018 at 19.00 a lecture in DC.

once again all the Day of knowledge and teachers, of course, with your professional holiday! After all, most of the teachers are wonderful mentors who, in addition to knowledge, and even provide psychological support to children, raise them, sow the seeds of morality!

Zhelobanov Anna
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