"Nevydumannye tears hit the internal organs."


One lady, suffering from love addiction, said at a reception at the psychologist the following story:

- Since, as we argued, I can't think of anything else; I can't sleep, can't breathe. From thoughts about his favorite distraction did not go: work on the machine, read books, and the meaning of reading is not acquired, to all lose interest... And so I decided to make my own tea and drink it in the room there is a TV there, not so empty. Poured a big Cup of hot tea, came into the room, sat on the sofa and, to free his hands, squeezed the Cup between his knees. And what do you think, of course, knocked the tea on himself. Then I thought, I'm not stupid, I could put the Cup on the table a meter away from the place where he sat, could take a saucer, in the end... but chose to scald his feet, "accidentally", of course. Why? It's simple: in the moment when I experienced physical pain, I saw on the legs red spots, but still was shocked to think that there may be severe burns and scars, I completely, I mean, really, forget about their love troubles, at least on this day...

ways to cope with emotional pain much has been written. They can be divided into conscious and unconscious. The former include various methods of self-regulation: relaxation and autogenic training, reactive relaxation, meditation, etc. as well As the search for an alternative centerpiece (a new hobby, for example).

And it might work, if emotional pain or stress levels are not so great and uncontrollable. And what happens when the thought of causing pain becomes the absolute dominant of consciousness, when the words “can't eat”, “can't sleep”, “I can't breathe” is not a metaphor but a daily reality?

Then include unconscious strategies, they are “protection mechanisms”. One of them described above, in the history of tea. It is also the search for alternative or dominant switching mechanism, only launches his people not willingly, but unknowingly, switching, thus, from mental pain to physical. This switching mechanism is called conversion.

Another example of such a mechanism is much more radical:

the Girl, 17 years old, have experienced a disappointment in love. How important to her her ex-boyfriend, she doesn't admit it even to myself. From time to time mentions that she is sad she remembers him; but in General her lifestyle does not change, the efficiency remains at the same level. Only stomach aches more and more, stronger and stronger. Three weeks later the pain becomes unbearable. Soon, a cyst on the ovary, secondary appendicitis. After lane operations, moving away from the anesthesia, the girl was surprised to notice that about the young man she no longer thinks at all.

As the girl didn't realize how bad her subconscious gave her a "tip" that it is impossible to ignore. So I want to ask: people, how many do you have in the body excess internal organs?!

it Should also be noted the so-called poluosoznannye ways out of the situation, for example, workaholism, or charity, which became a Ministry, the goal of life. The essence of these methods is to create the conditions under which the person does not have the time. He's always busy, at work, or helping those “who's worse”, or both, or something else. Anything just not to stay, but would not have time to think or, God forbid, feel. Because is only to give yourself a break, and then climb into the head of any “threat” to the illusory composure of thought; and then it washes over the senses; and then “cover” the pain. Here runs a man through life... from myself. Where? First, you can amass a bunch of diseases, this so-called first bells – psychosomatics. And then, if not obraschyat attention to it, forward into the sudden death from a heart attack or stroke or severe depression. What is better choose.

the Human psyche has the ability to protect themselves from the impact of unfavorable factors, internal or external. Psychological protection mechanisms work for each person. They need to protect our psyche from stress, anxiety, negative thoughts and so on. But, driving the pain deeper and deeper, denying it, or “running away” from it, you can amass even greater problems. Only pain inside of us still remains.

What to do with it? Everyone decides for himself. But isn't it better to learn to understand themselves, their feelings and emotions, learn to Express them and live? And lived, to let go and move on, using a huge palette of their feelings from sadness to happiness, which does not need an external cause.

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