What does the psychologist-skazkoterapii?

Psychologist skazkoterapii creates a personalized story for Your rebenka into account psychological peculiarities of the personality of Your child, the current problem behavior of the child's favorite characters.

Why do we need stories?

Psychological tale helps the child most effectively:

to cope with fears and anxieties

-to learn new ways of behaving

-to develop sensitive moments.

-to understand why he should go to kindergarten

-to find your strengths

-to create an atmosphere of love, peace, goodness, which will keep the inner world of your child.

-to prepare your child for the difficult event (separation from my mother, a trip to the doctor, etc.)

For children of what age to write the story?

Psychological tale written for children 2.5 years to 12 years of age and older. (Tales loved by all).

How to write fairy tales?

the Tale is written for your child to solve the problems of education that's bothering you at the moment, given his personality, age, current psychological situation posed to the mother the parenting tasks.

When solving complex psychological problems (correction of problem behaviours, personal characteristics, etc.) it is possible to write a cycle of tales correctional.

How to tell your child a story to help?

You are telling a tale to a child at night for several days, taking and interesting sights. It is possible to draw heroes of fairy tales. The effect is always positive.

what is in the consultation of skazkoterapija?

-interview with parent

-the child

-the creation of personal stories.

-guidance to parents for interaction with the child, work with the tale.

a Little theory

currently, the therapy is one of the areas of practical psychology, which is growing rapidly. The therapy gives unlimited possibilities for educational and psychological impact on the child's personality. Moreover, in contrast to other forms of influence, indirect therapy, focused on the personality of the child, enables him to be the Creator of your life, opening access to its own internal resources. Psihoticeski addressed to the right hemisphere of the brain responsible for creative thinking, intuition, integrity, emotion. Due to the fact that in the learning process with the assimilation of information load falls more on the left hemisphere of the brain (logical thinking, analysis, synthesis, etc.) psihoticeski especially valuable to provide an opportunity for harmonious mental development of a child's personality.

the Tale to be? Yes, definitely, Yes!

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