A little more about the art of fighting...


Dedicated to my Friend Julia

there Lived once on earth the Woman Warrior.

while other women defended using the beauty, that has mastered the art of fighting.

she had been with sword and spear, knife and Mace knew how to develop a strategy or use of tactics. And the laws of fortification obeyed her.

And the Woman Warrior wore armor. Heavy, wrought-iron armor that tightly fit her body.

the Woman Warrior is always computed in advance.

the Woman Warrior was ready.

the Woman Warrior always fought.

Fighting spirit drove her from place to place, and for a long time it never settling. But in every corner of the country knew – the Brave female Warrior on the first call arrives to help.

every day a battle, every night a battle.

the Years passed. Not fought in vain the Woman Warrior – all enemies defeated in the country. And in neighbouring countries, destroyed evildoers, and the neighbors of neighbors.

it Seemed that here it – happiness – peace on earth and peace! An no! Sad Woman Warrior.

the Day was sad, and dull swords, and rusted armor.

he was going to fight with windmills, but some weirdo smashed them to smithereens long before she was born into the world.

but, as dejectedly wander the world, hoping to meet at least a seedy villain.

the Ordeal led her to a village. The place was formerly famous for its peacefulness, and now altogether resembled Paradise. Said there often frequented by the angels.

night was falling. And let in any home, from hut to Palace would accept it with joy, the woman habitually spent the night in the open field, under rakitovan Bush.

Put the sheep under the head shield, covered with a cloak field and I fell asleep – sensitive and heavy...

And then, as expected, in Proverbs, an angel appeared.

the Ironic and delicate, as all messengers of God, sat there and said,

And how long will you pointless sitting around in the cities and villages, dragging himself with iron junk? Don't you know you're a great strategist and a cunning tactician, that this is your mission on earth is over?

the Woman Warrior in a dream or a sob, or a sigh:

I Know... But what do I do now? May, — with hope she continued: — You, good angel, take me to heaven that I gave to our Father – the Lord?

Usmanu-at-Ulsa angel:

— Without you the sky enough leaders.

he Paused and added:

— generally speaking, we are in heaven long ago noticed that the most helpless of people – people warriors. I life long and never understand with whom we are at war... whether external enemies to destroy, whether internal...

With surprise listened to the Woman Warrior these words, and when bright's messenger had finished, he asked again:

— So what do I do now? How to find a new purpose?

the angel shook the disembodied shoulders:

— I don't know... does Not fit for us to suggest... But you must be blind and go past all the signs, like the deaf, missing voices...

He glanced at the heavens:

— Well, at least open a flight school for girls will teach them the art of flight. All for a case, and a piece of bread, again.

the Woman gaped at adviser:

But I have no wings!!

But Angela then came the time limit of stay on earth, or stupid bored him worthless, and he, angrily waving his hand, began to melt.

the Last thing he dropped was:

— first, try to remove the armor...

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