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Hello friends!

Today I propose to discuss the question of the "labor" aspect of our lives!

Sooner or later, almost everyone begins searching for a new job for myself.

This search is accompanied by a choice of jobs, going on interviews and is often perceived as something that only you have to show yourself in the best light.

it is important for You to present and to meet the expectations (queries) the potential employer, to persuade the people sitting opposite that they need you.

high-Quality and competent self - presentation is, of course, an important part of the interview, but often it overshadows other, equally important part.

Many people forget that the interview when the job search is a two-way process in which "watching" not only you, but also you look and sobeseduyut future employer.

If you configured only to impress, you can get the job done, but not the one you wanted or where you will be comfortable and interesting to work with.

If you have no ideas about desirable work - the chance to get not what you enjoy growing, because it will be "tempted" to accept the place where you first say "I do"!

Thus, the search and getting the right for you work includes:

  • the most detailed idea of what you want for yourself to what you want to do, where, in what environment, with what income, etc.;
  • high-quality self - presentation such that you want to hire such an employee;
  • "the interview" prospective employer in compliance with your expectations.

If you are able to account for all of these positions and work them - the reward will be that you will not only find, but also get the job of your dreams! All what I wish)

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