Eyes burning, ideas like Roy in the head, the hands reach out to engage! At the head of the coup, too. After active deliberation and a few cups of tea, countless conversations, the idea becomes a corset, becomes the target.

after all, as on the thumb: planning, the set of all possible and impossible figures, making contacts, finding resources! You run, run, jump one hurdle after another. Decide Dodge, reviewing plans, adjusting, looking for new contacts.

and then again, and dropped the pen, which you once, maybe even for the hundredth time, adjust the plan. And that's all. No strength, no desire to pick it up. In mind "why should it raise? I so much fighting, and nothing happens. A deadline, no strength, little helpers. And who need it? For what? Without that, lived well, fed, clothed, and even the nerves of the whole for all that". Resources have been exhausted.

In this most critical moment so important to be able to support yourself! To abandon the usual criticism of "how could I possibly think that will pull the project?!", and from the habit of driving yourself is also better to unlearn "what are you here limp, quickly let's get a pen and write! You must do everything you promised! You don't poop!".

There are other strategies including: to shift responsibility to another, throw and grasp new things, etc. But, no less important, step away from your Desk, go to a cozy kitchen to brew a delicious warm tea, take some candy, and to remember why it all began. Located in the original position from which it started.

after -- After to remember what already happened! Yes, the timing may not work, it may even quality not exactly. You know, it's sad. However, it may be found like-minded people that supported this idea and purpose, and maybe there are new ways to perform, became a little bit others! More ambitious, more confident. And it's already a success!

And add as a friend in VK, there's always a lot of useful and interesting

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Babko Catherine
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