Brothers and sisters, we do not choose, but it depends on us how to Express your feelings to them. Well, watch and be touched!

the Expression of "love for all ages" has acquired a new meaning: hug twin brother, an older sister or "surprise" from the hospital is equally as nice, and sometimes exciting! See for yourself!

When you so much big sister, Dodge the kisses do not poluchitsya
Nine months together were not Darom!
Ora now I don't Odin!
Even these guys are not alien sentimenti!
Along with them was born Lyubovi
occupation: engaged in the cultivation sestry!
Rebate in our team pribavlenie!
Papa give it back! Her mother ME from the hospital peredala!
When you do not know who first start obnimat
Nothing you had to worry! I told you that after the birth we stay vmeste
Nakonets-the parents bought the brother! We now MOI!
— My leg — your leg ! — Thank you, bro! Tomorrow buy a!
What could be sweeter kisses malisa?
Family hugs iscelyaet!
— What a cutie! — Still, he's quite Nowy
If you're now going to live with us, not without a hug ostaneshsya!
My Gordost!
A lullaby we sing him vmeste
Revnosti? No, not slyshali!
When holding hands, nothing strashno!

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